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in Paris. There is heroism also in a Chloroform Commission.

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Yesterday October 4th I saw the patient as usual. There were present

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goscopy revealed the usual picture of paralysis of the abductors January

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remembered that superiorly it is covered by lung that

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jected atropine and we got these gasping movements. It might

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I have said nothing about membranous dysmenorrhoea for that

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Om Brighton Correspondent writes The epidemic is present in

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health considerations aside the easieet solution was to pour it into

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staff and higher cost of provisions the board were glad to state

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detailed de9C ip.ion of the symptoms not omitting lachef hleudtrff

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frequently purged but sometimes constipated marked anorexia

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officers and men in the fleet who had not been successfully re

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if born alive at all. The. body was too much decomposed for him

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Surgeon to University College Hospital. Professor of Pathology la

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cele had led to much confusion and he suggested it should be

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holic liquors and that dire disease syphilis in its various

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little importance from the osteopathic standpoint save

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light are beginning to disperse the thick darkness in which t

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immediately after the burn to septic infection aided perhaps by

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speechless or at least wordless. He could only utter inarticu

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having successfully carried the recommendation of its Sanitary

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of these conical areas after which no paralysis of the cords is

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nity from the contagion of scarlet fever which others do not. In

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ongitudinal incision was made over the bone and connected with another

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and the retinal hemorrhages recurred again and again. About the end

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ilogs which had been previously fed upon camphor and from i uch

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and tlie man left the hospital a few days afterward suffering from mere

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two deep ones being used to control some troublesome htcmor

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I am sure that most Irishmen will agree with me that many of

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and biscuits. Germ fiour is the invention of Mr. Richard Smith

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present. Treatment was thus limited to relieving the trouble