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four hours have proved very useful or salicylate of quinine in
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and the number of patients who presented themselve.o the subject
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greater part of the night. On another occasion when the pain
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teriology containing descriptions for cultivation staining etc. also a small
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essary to keep their outlines in mind. Their space is
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her pupils were contracted her skin moist and ber muscles relaxed. Her
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resolution progressed more rapidly. The dosage employed is as follows
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middle of the preceding month her health had been good she
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even in subjects where such references would have been very use
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readily through the loop. Should this be found impossible
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tion.1 were verified in every particular. On knowing the class
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got well the whole operation was simply done and there was per
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of greenish yellow pus enclosed in the subarachnoid space and
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of September 28 1880 from Headquarters Division Pacific and Depart
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rectum and the inguinal glands were involved. The perito
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are longer and the nights shorter consequently the rays of
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demanded the muscles have become so disorganized that all
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Surgery was notable for the decrease in the amount of paper work
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in the cutaneous veins. The tumours were universally n lt lherent
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resting on the surface of normal saline in the outer vessel indi
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unsymmetrical and without a head. Things might chance to
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mechanical means were adopted which were competent to pro
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frequent complication was dry pericarditis. The skin was usually
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three times a day until the symptoms have markedly abated or entirely
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sweetened by any of the various flavouring syrups. There is yet
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the lungs to the tissues and these in the end become as effectually
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most severe of those that recovered there was no satisfactory
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which it might be necessary to make a diagnosis m such a case.
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Sir I cannot refrain from joining Dr. Ilassall in repudiating
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phenylhydrnzin and methacetin. L ral is the new hypnotic
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information about the history of cases from the clinical staff nor
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comes to the following conclusions As a diuretic and for combat
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In the chapter upon morbid anatomy with few exceptions the il
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introduce post graduate instruction into general hospitals posses
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sembling that of scarlet fever. His illness had commenced two
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and irregular now stopped entirely possibly from cerebral com