Energy efficiency was projected to cut electric consumption, power companies told the state
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ohio's electric companies were on course to help their customers cut overall power use by as much as 33 percent in coming years before lawmakers froze state energy efficiency mandates.

Rockleigh to improve energy efficiency via state program
ROCKLEIGH — The borough hopes to benefit from a state program that will replace 200 light bulbs with LED ones and install a new 2-ton air conditioner at Borough Hall to improve energy efficiency and save money on utility costs.

Texas Grid Survives Heat, but Could Use More Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
This month Texans have been at the mercy of some extreme, shoe-melting heat. Yet, despite the heat wave and resulting high demand in electricity, the state's main grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), has barely broken a sweat.

District approves patented energy saving process
The Lake Travis school board approved the expense of more than a half million dollars over the course of 60 months for the services of Simplure, an energy efficiency company which will install hardware on district campuses designed to monitor and improve electrical energy use.