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Dr. Smith and the President took part in the discussion and
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Liebreich Dorotlieenstrasse 34a. m Internal Medicine Leyden
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seven preceding years 1882 88. In London the rate of infant
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nerve. In still others no obvious path of infection can be found.
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peritonaeum. There is an old rule for applying the trephine
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months ago hehad had to deal with a somewhat similar case himself
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of primiparoe especially after the thirtieth year. In addition
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I HAVE read with great interest the paper by Dr. Goodhart on
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Two theories may be said to exist concerning diabetes. Accord
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nephritis. The disease was not so temporary as was generally
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tively low surgeons appeared to swear by ether but in the
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in animals upon the process of repair ufter implantation of
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arise from a sebaceous follicle or from a dermoid cyst as had been
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reported that so far he had found preparations of scopola
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October 4th. Fair night cough very troublesome during the
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disarticulated an easy process for it was much wasted and
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peared to be a source of great discomfort to the patient owing to
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tongue was dry and brown and there was an erythematous rash
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haltereirath Dr. v. Karajau as well as the directors of the two
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England. But at the National Eye and Ear Infirmary which is
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On Clinics and tlieir Effects on Dental Societies. Mr. William
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sary reforms it seems to me that one of the first uteps should
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glucose had diminished. According to a spcond hypothesis the
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At the Koval College of Physicians ho was a Censor in
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disregarding the claims of the ascending and descending portions
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operation for the radical cure of internal hsemorrhoids a dis
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There is a difference of opinion as to the mechanism by
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Surgeon K. H. MisTRi Bombay Establishment has been appointed to act as
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methods in the examination of tlie urethra and the bladder. By
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chest diseases generally to cold and elevated regions for the
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myxoma xeroderma pigmentosum and keloid. This is extremilv
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near the kidney 1 may refer to some remarks of Mr. Godlee
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arranged as to afford support to the weakened side in preference
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source of the injury can be proved by medical and otlier evidence
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still further the children s hospital having been built outside the
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as essential to successful practice and who are not sufficiently in
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wrm fl diseases application would prevent the ravages of the germ
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the point for effecting both superficial and deep drain
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only was the reflex action of the cord increased. Contraction of the pupil
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two of them however dying within a few days after the op
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in the limbs and back high temperature about 102 to 10.3 and
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proposed by the President and responded to by the Lord Provost