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peripheral transmission remains intact during paralytic abiee.
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to this latter class. The diagnosis made the extract of cannabis indica
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addresses is sent to every police station in each district. Anyone
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ported which would seem to point to the existence of some
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according to the probabilities of discharge in each particular
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fications of excitability in electrotonus of sensitive nerves follow the same
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Street Lambeth Walk expired suddenly in the casualty room at
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The epidemic seems Ui have reached its highest point at Vienna
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the epithelial cells. The peripheral prolongations of the olf ac
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hand. He showed a specimen of the muscle lately found in the
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When discussing the mortality of this State it must be
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the cases in which there are localised outgrowths than in those in
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strife but on the contrary to the abatement of friction which had
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Mr. Myles agreed that the suprapubic method presented to the
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for the retention of Surgeons General beyond the age laid down
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tracts to the external ring drawing in the scrotum with it thus
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been identical with that carried out generally either to minimise or ignore it.
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the right side the sternal half of the right clavicle was much
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The coexistence of these conditions is detailed in the report
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On April 2X111 after a mixed meal I took O.O.J gramme of the
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some time and it is brought suddenly into a dark room the
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Branch writes In reply to your telegram of to day asking for
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and over the face for four respirations and at the fifth respiration
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and c mveniently summarised in a long series of propo.sitions
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makes is that the heart s action is apt to become irregular and
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Dr. Parke considered it augured well for the future of Africa
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for instruction regarding it. In England the resident medical
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Pupils equal and patient moves his left eye up srards in short
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symptoms which taken in conjunction with the previous his
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logist. Salary 100 per annum with board residence etc. Applications
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duced by the ingestion of iodide of potassium. Trans of the Am.
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violent attack of renal colic with profuse ha maturia no calculus
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the intercostal muscles and removes irritation to the
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accommodation for such increase would be nearly G0 000 per
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Besnier Brocq Doyon Fournier Horteloup and Vidal with Dr.
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warning feeling depressed and ill. The symptoms are those de
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not again become ammoniacal though there is little if any dimi
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to be the seat of very numerous large ragged abscess cavities
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These criticisms as I read them have been passed and often
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founded upon Histology and Cellular Pathology. With an Appendix.
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