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Speaking in response to the toast of his health. Surgeon I arke

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by the formation of a blood clot under a moist blood crust

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wrought through the nervous system claims still to stand. Every one is

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small intestine. As this question has a direct bearing on the administration

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excision of the rectum for cancer and most of them can only

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there has been no change with the seasons.. t the present time

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fluenza in a mild form such as coryza headaches or pains and

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dition which might be produced when a tubal pregnancy ruptures

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its course also points to a near alliance with the miasmatic class.

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many ways when more complicated methods by fans or pumps

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tumours b gins with a proliferation of the ntidei of the nerve

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temperatures varying from 8 to 13 C. in normal saline solution

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in the throat and with palpitation and much sweating. The at

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visible. A large mucous rattle was heard on auscultating over the

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recommendations of Dr. Tatham will receive that attention which

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might rise from nervous causes. The pneumonia was not of the

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chief requirements of the majority of invalids in the winter

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may occur as a secondary affection and as a complication of

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ing the wound he believed the consensus of opinion was that the

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the jury promptly returned a verdict of Found Dead. Not. long

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be assured that the instruction necessary for a full cur

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Vaccination Station in East Road. The Board are of opinion that

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To cast censure on warm climates at p. 29T he states

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many cases of real gout are no doubt frequently overlooked because the

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Professor Ranke then his assistant took a bath and changed all his clothes.

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Desgranges quoted by Molliere. Maladies du Rectum etc. Paris

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took the infecti m with them. It is a curious commentary on

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died on the third day after a street accident. The spleen had been

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The disease has now we are informed nearly subsided.

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number of deaths registered was 2 72l gt which exceeded by as

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cleans id and Mr. Ha.slara enlarged the wound in tho direction of

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enactments it is obvious did not extend to the praotices

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difficulties that are encountered. Uf a consignment of live

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There was a moderate degree of degeneration of the recurrent nerves ex

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six slides contain coloured glasses standard red yellow pure

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may be capable of. The class of children referred to is one that

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trievable on account of the breach made so to speak in the grey

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permanently. To my intense surprise and that of all in the room the

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possible to induce by this means that is the anesthesia which

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far been largely occupied with preliminaries and the hearing of

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be goue through and a discriminating use made of the ma.crial

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and dispensaries of the metropolis which urgently requires a

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water raw whilst on the Riviera and the risk of infection

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dies had been employed and had apparently lessened without re

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has undoubtedly been by our knowledge of hypnotic phenomena.

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Kassowitz has recently pat forward at some length his views on

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by which alone the physician may almost recognize the dis

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of the anterior incision and to the fact that the operation was

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receipts of ordinary reports or certificates sent under the Act.

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of general paralysis. In the first place the condition is prac

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were lectures and picnic excursions apparently sponsored by taxpayers

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the Government examiners. Dr. Ranking by giving as he does

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Therefore on account of the pain that we should have to inflict

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disease. He gives the results of twelve years working of the

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Dr. Bostock Hill agreed that an infectious hospital established

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diverticula. Cysts in which fatty matter was discharged into

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and had not been exposed to any special source of iofection.