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the operator. The mouth should by preference be propped open

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we are in a position to answer the question by actual facts.

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pecially of the lungs such as phthisis cancer etc. a circum

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either not held otUce or not the same office during the previous

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and is without the slightest bitter taste. Each chocolate contains

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much resembled the action of morphia on the previous day

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their home associations from all that they hold dear and from

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could not obtain a post mortem examiuation I have no doubt that

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ance of the skin functions. He bleeds the patient and shows that

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golden adage medio hitissinms ibis they can not remain

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hetero alhumimemia.thatis excess oC diff usable albuminoids gt ntho

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to thirty females. With regard to the ultimate issue the state

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that they may be compared with meteorological observations. 5.

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this Society held on January 8th the following were elected

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physicians attached to the various legations and several Persian

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able to produce various processes. Again the rapid course of the

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a fellow villager began before him. He tells me that waggons

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greatly enlarged and highly developed skin gland one might ex

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transplanted from some animal into the abdominal wall or eUe

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The question raised by Dr. Macdonald in the Joubnal of Decem

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the average for the season. In the two months during which in

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but clearly suffering from intestinal obstruction. At the necropsy

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to diphtheria and croup 17 to typhoid fever 13 to whooping

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observation for three months without any symptoms of syphilis appearing

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not been informed what were tlie reasons for this step. The

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atticus tympauicus that a cure can scarcely ever be hoped for by

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of a series of changes as congestion and enlargement of the body

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Northern or Southern Hospitals. Out of some seventy medicul

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The patient had some tubercles with much crust beneath which

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valve of the heart. Investigation of the tricuspid is

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In case of radial fracture the styloid process of the

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has shown clearly enough that a line commencing in the Indian

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tlia. the proper course if anything is removed or added is to state

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him. He resumed clerical duty and went on a continental tour

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to suffer from neuralgia of the right inferior and superior trochlear

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holidays and the New Year s Eve if lrffteraliend which is

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Insane in New South Wales gave a most interesting account of

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Acland Lord Justice Lindley and Mr Lindloy and Sir James

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phragmatic attachment to the ribs this being the most dependent

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more diffuse but that on the whole he felt rather better. The

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historic service is to be considered civil or military It must be

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at Moorfields for the discussion of ophthalmic subiects These

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care of my colleague Dr. Roberts. lie was a fine strong soldier

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that the Coimcil are not sufliciontly active in the interests of

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appearance like coarse flour very soluble. This was not yet identi

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least two thirds complete. As to its excellence I believe there

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this was an improper occasion for wishing her God speed and

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stimulation of vase motors distributed to the vessels

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organised into fibrous tissue. And here as Dr. Powell remarks is

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really come from companies holding patents of electrical appa

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and the changes of other parts accompanying those of special

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tion of medical students be approved was proposed by Dr.

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tion involving the globe of the eye. At the Oplithalmological So

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do nothing demanding delicate touch or mana uvring.

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either of solution of menthol or of other volatile substances usel

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and by evaporation of the product of the perspiratory

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introduction of remedies on cotton wool wrapped round a probe

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to surgical literature especially in the important treatise which he

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manent Memorial Fund also for a leper asylum amounts to over

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and tossing of the limbs transient delirium a breathing

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deaf..Some damage has evidently been sustained to the auditory

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On examining him carefully I found the following condition

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there was no uneasiness whatever on the left side where the