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Passed Assistant Surgeon U. S. Navy and late Surgeon and Brevet Lieutenant

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The possibility of the main siti of the head injury being in the

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You have learned much but if as I belieye you have acquired wisdom

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sistant Surgeon. His assignment to duty at cantonment on Uncompahgre

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doing so. He brought an action against them claiming

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and weigh well the situation before going forward. There is not

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What is claimed for the health resorts on our south west coast

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facts to show that we must not take anything for granted. I do

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Has this nostril been the site of the peculiar condition

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benefited by stretching it was not benelited by relaxation and

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The great frequency with which the structures composing

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the eyebrows are knitted the eyes are hollow and sunken the

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up in mouthfuls florid in colour and occasionally with clots.

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teresting and most instructive insight into the manner in which

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reappear at 8.30 the magnets were removed and the patient

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intended to convert the dirtifst and most unhealthy city in India

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intense headache. At 7 o clock in the evening temperature 103

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Associated Society of Locomotive Eaginesrs and Firemen

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Florida stands preeminent. That the peninsular climate of

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of the glands and in some places mucous degeneration of the

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attention to the fact that the rare accidents of rheumatism were

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degrading habits. All the melancholic cases originated in gaol.

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the Thyroid Gland together with a collection of Photographs

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officers and sanitary inspectors as to epidemics etc. and generally to advise

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more blood in him after than before the operation for the limb

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newly and partly developed case. Weakness in the limbs is

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Temperance Association has secured 522 additional signatures. Of

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not longer than one month with or without hard labour who

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was complete unconsciousness. Stimulants hot foot baths and finally an

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sity. And as the schools become welded together into the medical

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the prevailing very high death rate. The report for 1889 indi

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cord be around the neck. If so loosen and follow it

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Corfe in 1807 published a series of contributions in the

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usually prevalent. In those epidemic which occur the

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unequal dilatation of the pupils etc. the idea of central nervous lesions

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asking them to teach him. There was no false humiUty

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confined to the anatomical region affected some of which

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Dr. Gresswell took the diploma in Public Health at Cambridge.

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its contents and that of the cord were forcibly squeezed into

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or relatives of the raucinoid bodies. In this sense it seems to me

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Edinburgh. This was evidently one of the points that required

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of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The University of St.

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lesser grades of chronic pelvic peritonitis might with advantage

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original seat of the disease and a.secondary abscess be suspected

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nerve causes it to fail to function hence irritation of