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no return of the pain. Whether this case was one of pyelitis after
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should rank above paupers or recipients of voluntary relief
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pital and spoke of it as his own house. When questioned as to
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his works on military and operative surgery and in the closing
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palliative measure consisting in the formation of an artificial anus. There
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governors present to leave well alone and to give the Committee
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Leprosy beginning as Large Freckles on the Forehead. lr. R
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contain much meth.Temoglobin and in many cases to coagulate
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saries should have their social circumstances inquired into by the
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In the middle third of the bone where the osseous structure
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part of the pleura will have been obliterated by adhesive inflam
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of the renowned Ben s Delicatessen the class members were beginning
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a popular resort for consumptives a large proportion of tJiose
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their calculous contents by means of scoop and free warm water
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up and its variations in number colour size shape etc. described
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Act of isr.j although much superior to the older Acts which
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I have previously pointed out the relation which a uric acid
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is fully master of his subject and he supplies in a compact form
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other hand there was usually he claimed a deposit of lymph outside the
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The animal strikes out vigorously but shows little or no power
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promises to be most successful. A first class hotel with accom
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gate fence pillar post board tree or any other thing what
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position in this respect to Paris Speaking from precise and
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leave of absence on account of sickness extended four months on Surgeon s
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some mischief about the gall bladdermay have been at the bottom
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this work in point of originality is the fourth which treats of
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epistaxis oedema of glottis pharyngitis laryngitis
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tant physician in the small pox departments of the Chariti Hos
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ance until cured and then withdraw the next day if so disposed
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while these conditions were present she received 1 grain of ex
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does not seem to have arrived here. There are believed to be
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success of the treatment greatly depends on its being employed
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communication dealing with the almse of dispensary medical
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Passed Assistant Surgeon from July 1 1880. July 6 1880. Brown
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to settle the question of the contagiousness of leprosy. The patient was
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of General A. of St. Paul visited this city as a pulmonary
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operation for the radical cure of internal hsemorrhoids a dis
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ously as a remedial measure although it has the same justifi
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distance between the University and the hospital would make
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is bounded laterally by the anterior axillary line
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missions till May 7th. The patient was attended by Dr. Dunbar
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the first of these cases the patient a man aged forty five was