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deaths from these two diseases during eight years in Prussia are
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which was markedly present. After a while hematuria waa
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stimulus was withdrawn. The mu.scular rigidity was produced by
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ficially from carbolic acid it was possible that they might get an
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membrane was the seat of lesion. In inflammatory strictures on the
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dose but on the whole the evidence led to the conclusion that
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oppressed a death like pallor overspread her countenance her
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the English army in Burmah India and Abyssinia from the age
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calculus was a small hard stone. The patient s urine had dribbled from
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either in favoring or preventing the prevalence of phthisis our
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hour. If expetiso interfered with the employment of this Dr.
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seems to be taken for granted by most people that cases of catarrh
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full time medical director. It is natural to look to the
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Is it possible to imagine that the same medical men would con
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that a highly educated body of men trained to perform the
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scious maintainors of the dignity of their profession.
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frequency with which injury to the cortex of one hemisphere is
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ther contracted but urination was free and the urine was normal. Finally
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were almost exclusively restricted to nonconformists. This was
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abolished downwards fairly good upwards extremely slight.
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anatomy physiology physics chemistry botanj zoology and
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not followed by bad effects and causes vomiting in five or ten minutes.
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not only an inquiring pathologist but a curious student of old
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cation existed between the cavity of the abdomen and that of the tunica.
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AiTHODGH the existence of an epidemic of dengue fever in Asia
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eystem was in force the householder generally trusted to the
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affixes to or inscribes on any house buikhng wall hoardmg
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features were as follows Case i. First pregnancy premonitory
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Lords on Rabies in Dogs etc. are known to every scientist.
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occurred in the course of an attack of intluenza. He was well
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a very severe type and accompanied with a high death rate.
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sanitary experts out of office W ould naturally be ranged on the
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the strongest argument in favour of fixing a standard. Mr.
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the usually active movement and free ventilation of the lower
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trations than the first. The arrangement of the contents has been
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We have touched on a few only of the many points of interest
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spondent asserts in civil employ the numbers in that and military employ
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and October l. ith 1800. Candidates for election by the Council
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affection was to be distinguished from ichthyosis hystrix as it was both
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scious. During the dressing a large amount of clear lluid was
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cold east winds are not peculiar to these islands. Under this head
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hand in conditions of anaemia and anaesthesia stimula
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more than twenty of his pupils occupy professorial chairs in Iho
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Nervous Diseases in the University of Pennsylvania has ably
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knee jerk on either side the plantar rell X was slightly exag
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Suckling considered that his patient was suffering from the last
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water supplies. We can excuse the nonsense he talks
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enlisted to tend the sick and wounded who were invalided to
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vious pulmon ry weakness age previous disease or a chill
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SsnTH Dr. Gwvnnk and Dr. TusonoaE Thomson took part in
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pale. The mother tells you she thought her child was uffocating
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iliac region through the abdominal wall the patient
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clause reminds one of the lady who lielieved not only that the
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litin point are uniformly raised on dilating the solution. The
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cal with Special Reference to the Requirements of Practical
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During the last eight years at the Kashmir Mission Hospital