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Rectal expression has lately found warm advocates in

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went on very favourably and the patient was dismissed with a

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attending me fear tint the disease was typhoid fever. The

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separation of infectious ca.sos and an operating theatre The first

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ities have done excellent work in the direction of improving

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matriculation was proof of having completed his llitli year. Now

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not accede thereto as the Infirmary property can only be legally

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obtains leverage upon the entire vertebral column. Levera e

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one or two cases have been carefully observed the characteristic

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relief and they suggested the enforcement of the foil gt wing among

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two objections to this course first he did not consider it

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or tenderness in the loin and elsewhere. 3. Points connected

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brane that the disease has proved serious by the supervention of

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mora quickly than the occluded channels are competent to re

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over the country and these meteorological conditions added on to

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only the third of the animals presented that degree of virulence

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Langley. retired. Brigade Surgeon Banks entered the service as Assistant Sur

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Onset and Course of DiseaKe. Vertigo often so profound that

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spects modification. It is to be hoped that the Bill will be laid

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Perhaps he may yet appreciate the advantage of extending the points of

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Corresponding Fellow of the Society in 1870 Dr. J. Rutherford

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small pox one of tuljercular phthisis and one of puerperal metro periton

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the osteopath consists in its relation to the shoulder

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direction partly no doubt on account of the anatomical structure

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of the Christian Medical Society of which he served as president

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Throughout the statement if summary is lucid and it is not

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had been observed during this period. There was however in

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growths on the face make their appearance which may f ungate

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Weekly staff conferences should be conducted by the

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As the writer himself points out not the least important part of the

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cellules at their extremities. The thicJcer membrane covers

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brane than of the bones and they deserve more extensive trial than they

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hand. He showed a specimen of the muscle lately found in the

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By its development the allantoic tissue unites with

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through the parietal peritoneum and pretty deeply into the

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and we are glad to read in it that the Indian Government

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of twenty minutes in effecting complete reduction. Not much pain and

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either case a continual contraction of a muscle means

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seemed to think. From being reduced to the last stage of emaci

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the five preceding years. Deaths from diseases of the chest

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whole question to the present weekly board and requesting the

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a collection of monographs arranged in the form of a systematic

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The privilege of being admitted as a constituent college would

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too well known among anatomists to make it needful to praise

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irritate an afferent nerve and reflexly interfere with

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pupil. Dr. Brunton seemed to think that it was a dilEcuIt

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the college. In reply to a question the Principal stated that about

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in London or in any of er Dolllan Asylums Hospitals on Satur.lay.