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emphasize a caution before given that the operator be
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admitted when it was found that the bed was wet with urine.
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of Tanjore where 4.3 per l Oi of the pojiulation died from it.
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as well as for their own personal use. The agents are Messrs.
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Thkhb was a further considerable decline in the number of
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the patients in the surgical wards complained of mysterious aches
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The story of the Junior year is told on the follow
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to suffer from numbness of his fingers and inability to write well.
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serve to a certain e.xtent as a defence against injuries and are so
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through the posterior portion of the prostate and opened into the
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bringing respiration temporarily to a standstill. I cannot do better
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the bodily sensations of healthy persons whose muscular syi3tem
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a prescription of magnesia mixture saying that purging
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died with tlie characteristic symptoms and post murtem appear
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third cranial nerve creates a dilated condition of the pupil of
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the middle cerebral does not explain some of the cases which have
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more satisfactory because the incision is made through the anterior chan
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complaint is made in this as in other asylums that there is as
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ance of instituting an inquiry into the condition of their school
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were not much affected. The borders of the ulcers showed atrophy
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Notices of Branch meetings intended for insertion in the Journal of the
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that two courses are open to us. We may either administer the
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of Infancy a department in whicli as he justly says very much
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hospitals not associated with medical schools. In these establish
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process of albuminoid degeneration maj be carried still further
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are called into action thus producing a peculiar and distinc
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any way bringing the asylum authorities into conflict with
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ing up the disease by its persistence and if removable a cure
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the first nine years of the current decennium 1881 90. Compared
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when we say that we earnestly hope that the recommendations
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with the shouliler nor the urethra witli the testis nor when the glans
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these slight and recent cases active intrauterine treatment is
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early as possible in the week when intended for the current issue I
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lowing empirical expression for the average compressibility of
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further skin action to render them assimilable. And lastly
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Then after some business details the letter concludes with
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Coccygodynia. The President showed a coccyx which he had
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affected he must be able to predicate the nature of