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ful issue. The Conference on the Treatment of tlio Blind hold
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What is claimed for the health resorts on our south west coast
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In many women owing to defective innervation or to in
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ever slight that would result in a constant irritation
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for any person unlawfully to administer to or cause to be taken
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issued his protest against the sacrifice of education to exami
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the local application of cocaine may be sufficient instead of
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spite of opiates the pain and tenderness continued on the left side
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When water is employed we are using a reagent destructive of
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first was that of an old lady aged 80 with purulent ammoniacal
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under the control of the Committee. 6. Workers in the Labora
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Books axd Pamphlets Received. A Text Book of the Physiological
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The Rapidity at which Cuaijulation is allowed to take Pface. This
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Sixth to tenth dorsal origin of the great splanchnic
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the most varied kinds. Practitioners whose experience has been
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carried off by the lymphatic conduits still a large portion of it
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to see the managers of the tJerman Hospital lagging in the rear
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genious the theory has once more failed to be generally accepted
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no distinct benefit was gained. The condition of some of the
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from the second month to delivery at eight months she had suf
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The magnet was left in its position for eighteen hours. On the
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and Reserve Forces proposed by the President and responded to
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to do his duty to the public in a neighbouring town. Of course
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Alimentary substances are naturally divided into carbohydrates pro
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the evacuating power will be increased. Special care must be
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is surmised by the writer that when the accident occurred the urethra
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examination of the blue line I can confirm his views. The line
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Association at No. 429 Strand comer of Agar Street London on
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adhesions formed between it and the dia hragm and abdominal
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sequently Dr. Tatham found hinis lf in thn wifnem box as a warm
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eration of the viscera. This would leave for excision only those cases in
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of tuberculosis Dr..lolles made cover glass specimens of the
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altogether from continuing his instruction on epidemic disease.
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cases of ulcerations of the palate and pharynx tubercular and gummy
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