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confusion as to what was meant by prolapse of the cervical
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of the Committee published in the Jocbxai of July 27tli.
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causes are apt to be overlooked. In addition to the
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store of accurate and valuable professional observation buried in the military
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The only circumstances according to Mauriac which may jiflfect the dura
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Bailey in everything that he had said. He thought that perhaps
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made an inci ion in the back through an intercostal space below
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creased by a separation of the upper five or six ribs
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daily for a fortnight urine freely pnsring thront h tub.
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ment of therapeutics. The present volume which embodies the
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quartis horis. Nothing at all was to be taken by the mouth. The
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At length the bone was removed and it was found to have its
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October of that year there were observed in the Hopital du Mid 749
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were decided against on account of the absence of painful ridges in the
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ventiUted byres by judicious fe gt ding and milking and scrupulous
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of our islands Chronic rheumatisms and strumous disease of
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these three or four days the exudation poured out at the
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ball of the Society on JJeccmber fitli and 7th hust there were KW
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discharge in the intervals of hsemorrhage. The treatment
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states with all the emphasis of italics that all neuralgias are curable
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The ischiatic tuberosity is to the side of the anal
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suming the office of Viceroy in Ireland. The address congratu
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left thigh and leg were extended whilst the right were fl. xed.
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fessor Bollinger believed that the catarrhal influenza of man and
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upon a region said to be a center is rarely indicated.
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ing cough ileasles and diphtheria showed a decided increase
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by assistants the adhesive surface of the rubber guide is
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cine for he had been a most indefatigable worker during
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well understood and acted upon in almost every other line of life
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portion of the solar spectrum so that but little actinic light
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the less shines clearly out of Dr. Humphry s interesting pages. The
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tion though by pressure on the sternum and traction
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medical brethren anil show that the post is anything but a sine
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logical anatomy of tabes dorsalis. The lo. s of the patellar reflex
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produced in twenty two hours and twenty minutes 382 milligrammes
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some interesting experiments to determine the manner of action
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be carefully kneaded. By such action the end fibres
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researches of Dr. Francis Warner. The value of this work is not