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posted to the medical charge of the regiment. With it he served

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and Color Blindness Tests. New York William Wood amp Co.

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table from Blodgett s Climatology a work of undoubted

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Queen s College and many other of the leading gentlemen of the

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Old Agb. The results of information received respecting nearly

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farmer whose right foot was caught in a mowing machine causing

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discount upon laboratory work necessitating the existence in

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According to the clinical observations of Budin Ribemont

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which if true established the charge before them the

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symptoms were therefore sufficient to justify immediate opera

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until the day when the centenarians chapter is adorned with a

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that it is not the fact that the Council have made any sufjgestion

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ing period of fits re establishment of urine and urea secretion

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disturbance so that the child may rest and take nourishment. Careful

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rhage in purpura in chlorosis etc. deep lividity denotes a

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cussed by most of the speakers. He mentioned a case that

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the pur 06esof the two preceding clauses a and 6 any

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broncho pneumonia this form might become dangerous. 2.

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the immediate neighbourhood of the region in which Dr. Semon

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you mention such a complication has not hitherto been recorded

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months Frederick Clark and Ellen Clark of middle age who were

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number of red blood globules diminished to 500 000 in a cubic millimetre.

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became perfectly sane. Dr. Watts said he had seen cases of pro

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proportions and its presence has been questioned. A considera

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racters among which I may especially mention marked nervous

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February 19th. Dr. John Strachan Dollar will introduce the

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as laparotomy a term applied to it by our countryman

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these sad occurrences it is suggested that the tramway companies

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cussed at a recent meeting of the Local Government Committee of

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nate of calcium. On microscopical examination they showed dis

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occurring on any ship vessel or boat lying within the district of

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from the excess of tension. The opening formed by leaving the alatiue

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The Effect of Dilution on the Coagulation Point of Hydrocele

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mine whether the stereophonic phenomena of binaural audition might be

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pulses which characterize this affection. On the other hand tlie secondary

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time on official duties otherwise 1 would have endeavoured to

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canal and drum head in diffuse hypertrophy of the tympanic nmcous

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with diagrams and the print is large and clear with heavy type

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What is oven more remarkable Mr. Hollander finds confirma

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but only for the time being. A uniform temperature should be

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As he frequently went to London I advised him to consult Dr.

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formation of a Board of Examiners to conduct the competitions

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race and even with the animal kingdom. The records should

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for each prescription dispensed or on that of a certain percentage ol cluh

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moved but that the operation has been followed by a long

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Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons the authorities of

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that since 1868 18 aborigines had been admitted into the asylums of

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hydatids of Morgagni in the male whilst the sessile cysts which

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cal ramus of the jaw. This lump had immensely increased in

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were of persons aged between 20 and 60 years while the average

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body but had been unable to establish any connection though it

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Hospital for numerous injuries from falling off a scaffold. Death

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Intestinal Obstruction. Dr. Wallace Beatty read a paper

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and extension of universities and medical schools in the

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dysenteric and gastric diseases which require a narrow range of

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as the rectus and the jieritoneum pushed forwards. K small stone

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will be led to believe that malarial diseases are common at all

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more or less extensive rupture of its tissues is a matter of easy

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the animal. Anyone with the most elementary knowledge of mechanics

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chloral to answer the following questions and give any information they

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a marked feature which was not sufficiently recognized at

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