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Reports. All beds not so taken charge of by clinical clerks
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turning to show himself it was found that he had on abscess
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the subject and had entered upon a discussion of the many con
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about by the n yg.n of the air. Quinine lactate is recommended
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he says found on the first day after birth a difierence of
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minutes he said the pain was increased and more localized.
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Augxist 24th. The word cake is no longer repeated can talk
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part I do not think these disturbances are in any way due to
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with the intention of studying for the bar. Whilst at the Univer
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attend before a magistrate and what is teclinically termed lay
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been supplanted by larger and fuller textbooks and it differs from
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this advice will not be followed. Many experienced surgeons
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spaces between the cylindrical bodies. Both varieties of cells
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Wednesday January 8th at 8p m at 20 Hanover Square the
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teresting to note tliat under the threat of using the actual cautery she
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consider that the information is not up to date in many particu
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This work has proved very acceptable to the profession the first
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tion and the whole of the third anterior inferior frontal convolu
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monthly nurses. In all five of the liftmen subilivisions are more or
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the burden of expense involved and for casting it upon the general
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justly no doubt proud of their degrees who feel or think that
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sible to appreciate in what particular manner or by what altered
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was probably of microbian origin but offered this opinion only as
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comprising the West Riding Lincolnshire and Cheshire. This
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taken. The quantity of fat contained by the cocoa bean is veri
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fact is of prime importance in eye trouble. Osteopathic
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ing which ushered in the symjitoms in four of six cases suggest
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weak thin and pallid hipmnglobinfalling to. 4 per cent of normal
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complete generalisation. At least another 60 000 should be ex
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all pass. This however does not seem safe from a public point
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I do not see how this view of the subject can be entertained
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appearance as compared with the healthy eye an irregularity
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passed into the hands of the Corporation and the Water Committee
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by careful precipitation by chemical reagents was fouud suUicient
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is 80 competent to ti eat and at the same time concerning
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it reaction and with the saline substances present. All that one
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all of septic origin although this does not appear to be the opinion
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about one fourth. It is more than probable that a largo propor
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remarks by. ereral cases illustrating this difficulty. After some
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with admirable resignation but when we show that hundreds of
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bedded partly in the bodies of the cylindrical epithelial cells
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of Devonshire till the last two years wlien he came to Cardiff.
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more details about the ulcer of the stomach which was present. Dr.
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extremely various and nunierous but we have noted the following
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attendance at the expense of tbe ratepayers. This is a very difficult question
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Well received as strangers always are in the University the
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early stage as many cases of hemiplegia from this cause could be
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tine and become coated with calcareous salts and form
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and he kindly furnished me with the following data. During
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Tub E.xaminers in Medicine and Surgery of the University of
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fourth night for the last three moutlis of pregnancy with the best
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blood after deliverj diminished elimination of urea during fits
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strife but on the contrary to the abatement of friction which had
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nf which number live had been similarly affected. Xo family
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tion to medical knowledge. 4. The essay designated by a motto must
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To have rendered this statement authoritative the Doctor
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this opening J pass a child s bladder sound ami systematically
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The absence of an incubation stage in many if not in all cases
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on Mr. Jessctt s j.aper The Surgical Treatment of Uterine
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they are as much entitled to their opinion as Dr. Jones and
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from the spleen of a typhoid patient. But the prophylactic
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Communicfition gt. Dr. Barnes read a paper on Cases of Severe
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Clouston who 1 know would willingly have assented to any
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vaso constrictor fibres from the first and second lumbar
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