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had no physiological foundation and Dr. Brown Sequard s that it

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ance and slightly coated with furrowed fur but no tendency to

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intestinal symptoms in a third pulmonary disturbances and in a

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in connection with the York State Medical Association the Patho

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been proved that diphtheria and croup are intimately related to

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fluidounces. Tlie larger frog has its femur broken and per

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sloughing of portions of the intestinal mucous membrane but

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Thacker and Co. This little book has been prepared by

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The features are greatly distorted. The brow is knit the

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hospital where patients are detained against their will and in fact

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oases the sputum was examined not only at the beginning of the

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scribing a small sum to the infirmary ol gt tained the necessary

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tal observation of changes in function. We cannot close this re

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could not be stated with certainty but it was probably so. From

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Dr. Dili MMoxi also exhibited a man the subject of Progressive

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Db. Donovan medical superintendent ollicer of health for Cork

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supported by the charitable contributions of rich people and by

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vision was at once rendered normally acute on arlifically repre

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present or future medical staff can notwithstanding the stipula

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first forty eight hours the patient swam for his life with

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rates and that for this reason the London County Council should

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The climate of Florida is not perfect for a model climate

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acidity in any way disturb the stomach. He has repeatedly given four

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action. The blood is the life. The nerve controls the

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sels large round and polygonal glistening cells analogous to

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flattened tube of soft metal and it can be readily bent to any

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for a member of Parliament is simply a start in a career and

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less and buttercupsin a lawn in full sunshineareecarcelyperceived.

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of blood pressure. Even by striking the animal upon the abdo

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if neglected. This is particularly true of the present epidemic

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In them the only real assistance to which a defendant can

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be called a political battle but act simply in defenct of medical

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ampton Medical Society on Tuesday February 4th at 8 p gt i. on

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my own preference is strong for a blunt instrument. There is

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which is habitually used. This is doubtless caused by

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at the desire of Sir J. Fsyrer. The tube had been shortened to

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is liable to be aggravated by exercise. The chief points in the

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eral facial movements and the ability to contract individual muscles aud

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warrant trephining without allowing a reasonable time to elapse

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be remembered however that in name the Crown that is

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absolute anorexia and nausea. At last after three weeks he

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On August nth the wound which liad been dressed each day

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not a purely contagious disorder is so at least to a considerable

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by the contract system the sick seamen being sent to the

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number of less serious cases apparently of similar nature is large.

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be withdrawn and examined indeed some pieces of tissue large

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pubic spine in all positions looking in the direction of

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exhibited the ordinary signs nf the disease. The tirst movement of

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peared the girdle sensations were less marked and she was tree

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elevated or Gariel s pessary employed. Should a tumour exist an

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be carefully kneaded. By such action the end fibres

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a verdict of acqiuttal is difficult to estimate. Other persons

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The third ordinary meeting of ilie session was held at the Grand

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Leprusi Vase from South Africa Erythema Patches the

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Db. G. Akthub Cardew Honorary Secretary of the Glou

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sore throat is naturally attributed to tLe effects of cold the

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particular. Physicians are earnestly requested to answer the above ques

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acidity in any way disturb the stomach. He has repeatedly given four

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efBcacy of both the clear fluid jiortion and the sediment of the

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At a recent meeting of the Royal Society of Physicians of Buda

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of the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals on Saturday December 28th. These

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cine etc. Detroit Leonard s Illustrated Medical Journal 1 880.

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prostration the latter out of all proportion to the duration of the

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the body. He further.expressed his opinion that there were no

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bility and must submit to the risks. Dr. Duncan regretted that

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and there was no return of pain until the following morning.

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would pass some regulations to effect this. Professor Chabteeis

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is considerable diversity of opinion. As he says there are two things to