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est we will briefly mention an interesting case described by Dr.

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suflerintr from organic disease of the heart an attack of influenza

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cover the whole surface. On his face the erythema is diffuse and

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The entire absence of the face at the time of birth has been

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To my mind the two ca.ns taken together are most important

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Chronic invalids whose treatment must be lifelong are ad

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de.scribed under the head of fractional coagulation must at any

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ot medical men of the locality gave testimony to character. Three months

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he says found on the first day after birth a difierence of

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pressure. There was often a deep seated aching of the bones of

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to the present system of medical relief. Mr. Ckoly Vice Presi

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well. l rom this 1 infer that spontaneous cure is possible. We

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and that the course adopted by him would neither be generally

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proportion as it is in gastric juice proved as active a destroyer of

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in the bicipital groove is attached to the supra glenoid

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Board that the present Works Committee in all cases where stop

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of the sweating caused by the pilocarpin but persisted for a considerable

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Home. She is now well and does not complain of any sym

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the Committee and medical staff of the charity when he was jire

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Nutritite Value of Peptonized Food. Is artificially diges ted or pepton

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secretions thoroughly previous to the application of the powders

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tem of attendance on members of friendly societies is unsatisfac

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Hail to Swarthmore he can sing being a loyal alumnus who

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Saifoed is to have a new hospital for infectious diseases to be

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the tongue is liable to become protruded between the teeth

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ing died eight days after the abscess was opened. He did not

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bulged into the opening and no cerebral pulsation could be felt.

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its removal becomes accentuated. The discomfort of muddy

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characteristic yellow tongue. 1. Diminution of fever and com

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A FFW days ago the Olobe commented upon a case at Pontefract

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Dickinson on the same subject in 1866. More important

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Spurgeon and it is well known that his resemblance to

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fields of medicine and became specialists examining only the part of

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is to be hoped that this rtfreshment of the members may enable

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that like all other epidemic diseases influenza is caused by some

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two years. Four children were bitten at Lancaster and were all

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At a meeting of the Court of Governors of the University College

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disagreeable both the bulging and the increased dulness will dimi

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regions near the spine but ieolat vesicles were scattered

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to eliminate all chances of fallacy in the event of gljcurouic acid

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viously on several occasions taken 5 grain doses of antifebrin for

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Dislocation of the Koee. There was a history of a fall followed a

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another grain of exalgine was admiuislercd in twenty minutes

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lation point arc most active in lowering it when added too solution

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written up at all or are written anyhow and by anybody. When

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during the paroxysms of pain. The sterno mastoid and trapezius

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pointing to scarlet fever and there wa no evidence of any der

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of the skull where the signs of external injury are absent

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sum of human knowledge and of being in all ways con

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and friend during his practical researches with the scalpel. Up to

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late professional excellence. The levelling down principle lias not been a

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in rear of the dwelling house complete isolation secured a nurse

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JomNAJ. to the difficulty that had arisen in regard to the

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ance of the skin functions. He bleeds the patient and shows that

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patients. Obviously the paying patien s who contribute reap

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London Professor Victor Horsley. London Mr. Towers Smith London

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common in this region and the elasticity of the tissues affords

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the patient had made a good recovery. The rent was not more

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the teaching that has led to the appalling prominence of craniotomy in

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TUK prophylaxis of tuberculosis has been engaging the attention of

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one week after its onset his face was irregularly red covered with

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cells very sparsely wrapped with connective tissue but

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the graphic method unless supplemented by actual demonstra

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book practically repeated by heart we noticed that many of the

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muddy stream of misrepresentation with which some are ready

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state of joyousnoss would return. On admission there was a

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under treatment iu any of the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals at

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wrist that of the radius extending downward farther

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mention is made of the uses of electric illumination of the blad

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Dr. Tatham contrasted the position of sanitary inspectors in 1875

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with having taken part in the operation. Tlie pedicle was secured in the

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