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a training school for nurses for children has just been established
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tary of the Stanley Hospital Liverpool a cheque for 1 000
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think for themselves in surgery and dogmatic rules are often
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of Scotland the immense importance of educating children with
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special instruments which seldom obtain universal hold on the
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presence added dignity and his discourse lent grace to
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nypathenar elevations resting on the temporal protuberances.
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On the Educational Treatment of Incurably Deaf Children. By W.
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expectoration of a month s standing. He had the characteristic inspira
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no relief but this case was complicated with diarrhcea and the
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June IHtli. Pdtieut asked for the urino bottle nnd used it for
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politan Building Acts 18. J to 1882 the Diseases Prevention
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Mr. Tait was glad to say the patient was making an admirable
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plaining the infrequency of oedema of this region and as an
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cal with Special Reference to the Requirements of Practical
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trolisation and the establishment of a liureau at Whitehall or
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stitutions of the continent has sufliciently demonstrated that
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Concerned placed after the title page of the present issue should
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than merely mention them would give a mistaken impression of their
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twenty minutes for its completion though in otorrhoea owing to
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customary tor a medical officer of health to acknowledge the receipt ot such
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lished in the lievue de Midecine has come to the conclusion that
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tion artiticielle du langage. Par le professeur Cav. Azzio Caselli de
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fibres are given off which form plexuses on the coro
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every organ is perfectly adapted to perform the func
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anterior edge of the retina imbedded in a fibrous clot that contained but
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Thus the thirst for knowledge the arena of pure research may
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gular hypertrophy of the left femur anfi on the anterior aspect of
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lungs the lower third of the oesophagus and the upper part of
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affections are seen side by side with it Dr. Ballard says that
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A report was received from the Fever Hospital Committee and
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in the eye and the facial paralysia had nearly disappeared. There was
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Medical Council in the matter of diplomas in State Medicine to
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down to the heels and the feet fairly well developed and not
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free hospitals for per nna suffering from any infectious or con
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having direct communication with the slaughterhouses instead of
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but he thought that for many reasons it would be most undesir
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saphenous veins. Locking of the knee in extension is
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water supply of Sheffield but the evil exists to a hardly less
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After removing the dressing the edges of the remaining
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should be guarded against by a quick comprehension of the
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escent rarely lasting more than a few hours. The disease there
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though by no means necessarily fatal condition. It will l e re
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everywhere and not tender. Hunger was now her only comjjlaint
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of the tunica albuginea of the ovary. Dr. Reimann of Kieff in
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of the Branch for the ensuing year. On taking the chair the
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caused by atrophic and degenerative processes in the lal gt yrinth in which
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places towards the edges. Is now taking quinine and sulpho car
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his own summarized from Mr. Thornton s statistics and claims that they
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insertion and then with a periosteum detacher proceeded to sepa
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The history of long standing lithiasis and oxaluria is of obvious
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which was added to make it more soluble. The addition of milk
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some of the most interesting passages in the book are those where
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trostomies colotomies enterotomies etc. would lead one to ex
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been burned show that the nervous system is concerned in the
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showing some useful clinical results would do more to establish
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for an increase of salary. At present they receive only 12. i a
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not a purely contagious disorder is so at least to a considerable
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was latterlj injected which caused free sweating which latter
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apparatus hence any form of irritation of either of these lo
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freedom for the administration to the various patients of the
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Edinburgh under the presidency of the Hon. Lord Kinnear. The
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It will be noticed that in all the cases examined post
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Jones had shown before the Society two small cysts which he
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