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or in advising others to the same end the osteopath

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frequently changed owing to the sudden illness of the singers.

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same sense that a pelvic abscess opening into the rectum could

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a direct manner and sincere efforts make him well liked by all

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He believed Mr. Barker would have had as much trouble in Lis

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in the flexors. Animal killed and the muscles of the poste

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at the middle or inferior cervical ganglion at which

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Board of Trade it appears that 259 063 emigrants of British

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corresponding to the upper half of the anterior surface of the

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As the writer himself points out not the least important part of the

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sudden nervous.symptoms twitchings of the facial and ocular

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Ceutial Criminal Court. Although Drs. Barnes Braxton Hicks Galabin

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nators of the agitation which our able and usually well

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the annual dinner of the Branch on the first Friday of February.

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peculiar allinity for the higher lying districts. The zymotic death

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general practitioner wants some facts in the treatment of this disease

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The I rnijer vied. Wochenschrift of January 1st contains the

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epilepsy on paranoia on agoraphobia on comjiulsive idea and

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a special flexion of the beak. For some patients 1 keep a catheter

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filter turn on the water and in a few minutes the operation is

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directed to their proper clinics by the cashier. Several students ques

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hospital he then became furious and beat upon the door of his room

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the country. It wa.s felt that the cose of schools in London was

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The redness of the nose after an attack of crying indicates

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producing a nidus for bacterial activity or resulting in

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fifths. This result is very nearly arrived at in another way

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a question of meting out justice between two parlies. If those

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St. Thomas s Hospital on January 14th. The deceased hadfor afew

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been exposed for sale or intended for food in this country. The

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Small pox. Only one death from this disease was recorded dur

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Hirsch for the data concerning the geographical distribution of

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however is diet and fresh air. Most of these children are hand

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Mdguire says that the presence of much paraglobulin in the

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the symphysis linea ilio pectinea and the sacral promi

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discoverer. Other investigations were on combined affections of

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that at all events there was some tendency in the disease to

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leave of absence further extended three months on Surgeon s certificate of

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Almost immediately after the tumor had been manipulated the patient

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Ferdinand S. Le Quesne formerly a medical student of the College

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of the affection could bo observed in the general hospital both

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resemblance in many cases that many experienced dermatologists

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Australia this disease was almost imknown but it has become

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The only other ciroumatancecalling for remark is the anatomical

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ache intense backache and a temperature of only 100. There

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laws. For many years he occupied the chair of rauteria medicain

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the e.xtremities and only very seldom were the pains localised at

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Owing to the diffusion of pain and its attendant con

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on the strength of a few misquoted figures of the deleterious

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the position of the i rosecutor is generally such that no

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posal of the University of London that is to give men titles

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multiple abscess was very hopeless and I will now give an

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high as if not higher than in most portions of the State.

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in left arm and soon becomes general and patient is unconscious.

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lated in the rectum which best expresses the function of the

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from tubercular consumption as three times greater in the

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with the position status and importance of sanitary inspectors at

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After some further discussion in which Mr. Ball Hospital

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temperature a little over 99. The skin was cool. The bowels

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bibliograph entitled Z syphilis automnale de 1879. The latter

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at least half an ounce of powder for each application in these

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Internship Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh Pa.

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and urine and as early as the fourth day he found colonies clojely

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tics and to Steevens s Hospital. Curiously enough it is attempted

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nostic feature of all syphilitic eruptions viz. the absence of pain

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nutrition and digestion the blood and its circulation respiration

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November 17th but the disease first began to assume epidemic

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bach. Sir WiUiam Gull s household. Lord and Lady Henniker

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cause a suspension of business. About five or six fresh cases