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came on suddenly without antecedent cause other than the syphilis and

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tients were still alive after 1 to 21 months of follow up.

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What is the lesion present in these cases Observations made

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owns several large blocks of buildings and hundreds of cottages.

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In conclusion I desire to mention that all the instruments

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Honolulu. Dr. Arning in this paper gives a detailed account of

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three weeks by enlargement and finally suppuration of the cervical glands.

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Professor Gairdner then went on to consider the view that the

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Dr. Deakin was educated at the General Hospital Birmingham

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separation has been obrained by the addition of neutral salts. Dr.

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in cases where the disease has reached more than three inches

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covery having been recorded. Intracranial pressure produced by

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temporarily. When head flexion is incomplete it has been

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though it is definitely located between the ninth and

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each time from a point three inches or more above the anus

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and pleurisy set in and in many instances cause death.

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