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noidei postici muscles while the other laryngeal muscles were normal.

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readily. This new antiseptic possesses the great advantages of

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lege before conferring with the College of Surgeons Committee 2 a

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Dr. Skene at the last meeting but without benefit Dr. Warren said

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effect of procuring miscarriage and consequently that she could

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understand the physiological difference between the effects of

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increase of diseases and deaths amongst that part of the popula

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Department. Applications by January 30th to Mr. Thomas Ryan

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same sense that a pelvic abscess opening into the rectum could

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Even with this precaution tlie danger still remains that a too frequent use

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meability exist in the fresh skin according as the inner or outer

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lessness and in four cases there Avas persistent insomnia neces

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modified Dutrochet osmometers in which the pressure at the

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nften forgot that the chief factor in reducing the mortality not

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and illustrious array of Vice Presidents. Tlie ofMcers of the sections

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tion. The convolutions taken as a whole were softened. At the

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the University of London has done excellent work in stimulating

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Uastro Colic Fistula and showed the pathologiovl specimens of

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words. In order to carry out this intention each section has been

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in his presidential address will attract the attention that they

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lation point of an albumen. The coagulation point varies with

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stimulant so effective as a perfect circulation no reac

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pulses which characterize this affection. On the other hand tlie secondary

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both there was incarcerated retroposition of the gravid uterus

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warm breath of air which the patients imagine to blow softly

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servative Cicsarean section up to the same date Januarj 1st IS

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without inwards than from within outwards. A short period

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St. Peter s Hospital New Brunswick and Riverview Hospital Red

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process of bleaching but when we pass down the scale we

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twelve months he was fairly well with the exception of one or

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pronouncwl dilution with difHcultv. Words are slurred if not

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We understand that the proposal made by Professor Carey Foster

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ments the two acts are greatly facilitated during mastication

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Treatment is directed to all these sources. Tender

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institutions and there would remain a class who were fit subjects

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little work on The Cerebral Palsies of Children. Polioencephal

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demoralising to the healthy stomach. No one dreams of object

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larged as they would have been in acquired syphilis. Furthermore the

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Pollex writes I am about to remove two rudimentary thumbs and having

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the analogies of the immediate good results of lifting bone which

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