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London graduate with whom I have spoken on the question.

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Purulent Choroiditis occurring Months afrcr a Successful

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exerted by the retraction and at intervals by the contractions

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which Extend our Knowledge of Volitionary Movement and Kx

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May I also having had for several years the honour of a seat

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ing regard to the good results which he had himself several

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of the hepatic artery pressure against the gall cyst the

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hypertrophied. The cancerous growth less than a quarter of an

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since infancy. The resemblance to two cases already published in

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the lawyers the same. The point of the joke in these cases is

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reached and dilated and a stimulation applied to the

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described as urocbloral acid and uronitrotoluol both of which

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the British profession will require a little more proof before they

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uterus which Bandl supposed to correspond to the os internum but which

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muscles of the neck and fore limbs those of the larynx partici

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impunity toxic results now follow the slightest contact. The occurrence

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sequently the quantity of malaria generated is much less than

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merly contributed 71 per cent of the deaths from this disease.

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pute arose and one of their number a rather corpulent man

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cervical canal with his own form of dilator. Secondly the disease

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Has this nostril been the site of the peculiar condition

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delirious. SLxty hours after his admission the patient was obvi

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were not dangerous even strong ones could not do harm if the

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to produce any of the inconvenient or dangerous effects which

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condition of a woman at the catamenial period such as the in

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those present were Surgeon General Sir Joseph Fayrer physician

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When Dr. Forry wrote the Northwest was a wilderness

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Many theories have been suggested as to the catises of this

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borne through nine months will be extinguished ere it is born in order

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ceptance to the stuilents demonstrations being still given at the

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these two areas. A universal muzzling order enforced throughout

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ing nephralgia by causing severe pain in the right hypochondriac

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uhuolly prevalent but exhibited nothing more than the ordinary

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of the duodenum at a level of eight inches beyond the pylorus were

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be a distinct anatomical disarrangement thea a correc

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testinal Obstructions London 1867 p. 119 There are certainly instances on

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methods of applying pastes Goa powder medicated geatine

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plained in a leading article published in the Jot ENAi of January

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small extravasation might give rise to a much more extensive phlegmon.

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Iwlow the metatarsal bones. The swelling on the dorsum was

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tion but if not it was one for reduction. Tenotomy of the tendo

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them in chorea and paralysis. It is these last classes of cases

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thoroughly inspect the condition of the city and report upon its

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sidered a regular practitioner or a fit associate in consultation whose practice

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When home he complained of pain like cramp in the left arm and

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sede a large number of other Acts and it will thus bring into

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thyroid. Respecting the condition of the heart his experience

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prostrated Sir WilUnm Gull two years since had with

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tions of t mperature he was then seized with hepatic pains and

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living in Africa for out of eleven white men only one life was

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like this has been passed. There is no doubt the sheriffs decision

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absolutely symmetrical. The patches were very irregular in outline and

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the Cancer Hospital Brompton. In it the word cancer is used in

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air etc. in enlargement of the glands for which no exciting

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surfaces in the neighbourhood. This sequence of events at all

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being the sudden rise of temperature to 103 or 104 and its fall

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had completely died out in that locality. The Turkish Sani

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MAN thought the special thanks of the meeting were due to Mr.

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complete in itself. It is Htted on easy steel springs and india

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ofHcea of the Association 429 Strand. The rooms are open

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Officer to Penzance Union Workhouse Madron and Medical Officer and

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purposes healthy until the lapse of four weeks when blood re

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tic and by the effects of their toxins upon the cells

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most complained of was in the lumbar region resembling lum

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found that the concretion was composed of four concen

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of the thyroid body were solely due to the disturbance of some of