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the fluid from the lymph spaces of the pia mater the subarach
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fessor Leyden in Berlin and Dr. Pmust in Paris have both ex
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center on right side usually. General effect as low as
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proportion as it is in gastric juice proved as active a destroyer of
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cultures are introduced into the system of an otherwise
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amoant of relief from presoure. For these various reasons there
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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy and Curator to the Pathological Museum
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gested a conference of sanitarians and statisticians to formulate a
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vary without seriously disturbing the functioning of
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bowels will in most cases be confined but this is not certain and
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Medical Officer for the Bast District Bingham Union vice G. H. Monk
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tion for special treatment. Cases of excision of the ribs he had
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in the right uterus. Mr. Openshaw also showed another speci
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the Use of any metallic foil is undesirable for such preparations.
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developed definite outlines and is evidently formed by the distended transverse
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fixed for the insertion of the cathtter. The fi xible catheter is a
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ances of cholera wheruas a largo number that received the cholera
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wise or on the other hand cases in which its origin in imported
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painful on movement and a tendency to close the eyes unless
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icine. We venture to hope too that it may prove the means
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sanitary inspection and the other enormously rich and with com
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the motion mentioned that some of the most distinguished
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the blood is very meagre but is supplemented to a slight extent
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passing the statement was made that enlarged tonsils and chronic
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proven in osteopathic practice daily. Again it is a
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exercises any influence on the propagation of the disease except
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that their financial position continued satisfactory and that there
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mitted patient easily and readily reconciled himself to the ho.s
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this as being the true explanation. It is not possible that any
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food or to an abnormal production of hepatic sugar. Neither of
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times yielded quickly to turpentine in doses of ten to thirty
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this means a bubo will sometimes be found to be chancrous when nothing
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convulsive seizures affecting principally his left side and leaving
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gations into several thousand cases under legitimate and irregu
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to be normal it was directed upwards and inwards the eyeball
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of spreading the disease by infection or by heredity. In England
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the research. It is strange that my results did not tally with
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would escape directly the bowel wall was incised. He referred to
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removed portions of cerebral tumour. The tumour was seen to
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it has its effect on excretion through the kidneys.
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by three quarters of an inch is to talkpechanical nonsense that
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was no pain or any cerebral disturbance but slight right facial
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remote parts or organs may in various degrees through this altered
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also the muscles of mastication. This nerve is affected
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eschar. In a similar case Dieffenbach having first re
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of degeneration. It also explains the remarkable fact that sufferers from
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might have suppurated from pressure and a communication with
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The Paris Mdlical states that Radlauer s new hypnotic urethane
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mola has the support of Vulpiau and others and some of the facts
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resolution progressed more rapidly. The dosage employed is as follows
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operation of excision as a palliative measure. In cases prop
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efferent in function. In the sacral region the homo
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heart at once succumbs and ceases to beat. Muscular irritability and the
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principal clinical features. He pointed out that the tumour of
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cold months the period which interests invalids its mean rel
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are often confounded it is possible and important to distinguish between
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The 517 936 deaths at all ages registered in England and Wales
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Lennox 13kownk said ditliculties arose in attempting to treat
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sires to draw the attention of the Council of the Association to the
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from 6.5 to 60 years certain officers were compensated. We will
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the lower extremities and present.s nearly all the usually
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reports there wa i no month in the year when the disease was
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other causes. I have seen cases of hfomorrhage without apparent
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a time but more worms were seen as the ova developed. cting
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he naturally directs his treatment very largely to their correction
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An amusing feature of the case to me is the position taken by
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