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and frequently by pain in the course of the ureter. The disease

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cated to the Pathological Society of London in 1884 and reported

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l.arbert. to Rachel Annie younger daughter of llie late David Wallace

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persons aged upwards of 60 years these numbers were consider

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therefore decided to explore the neighbourhood of the cecum by

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head and the uterine wall particularly difficult. A further drawback is

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were not moved voluntarily. The teeth appeared without

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A short time before this date thinking that the introduction of a

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December 13th 1889 at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital the

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tt different manner and as a pathologically different disease by

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whether the abscess in the ear was of septic origin. Dr. Mund

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The Hespiratory Region. The nasal fossae proper with

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ments some of which will be published so as to be avail

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begin to fail until after the respiration and if we did not attend

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it is well to recall the earthquakes our immunity from which

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those who are interested in the subject to my paper which I hope

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vaunted as a sanitarium for invalids shows a greater mortality

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Islands and Madeira I may state that from an intimate knowledge ot

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Thus in a case of rheumatic synovitis of one wrist with inter

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bladder or a hepatic abscess and the question must remain un

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An ambitious individual whose mental processes are always

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where the symptoms were so slight as to cause no inconvenience

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some months ago in machinerj. Latterly the arm had become

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opening on the outer surface and one would naturally expect that

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mittee found on iuquiry that no suflicient case could be esta

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the cells oi which they were composed were liable to undergo

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about two inches and occupied only the outer end of a sinus

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displacing cell and fibre and impairing their functional activity.

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j examiners in the subjects named retire and will be succeeded by

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more restricted sense Meniere s disease consists in an inflammatory state

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superficial layers successively degenerated and became calcified.

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years no assignable cause being known for the attacks. The pa

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Dr. Jones s statement regarding persons energies being

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that a resolution to the effect that the medical curriculum should

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patient suffering from influenza became also affected with

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right and the liver contribute to filling it. There

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ceived into auxiliary classes was generally supported. In this

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recognized sufficiently early we may entertain fair hope of

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vomited mattor a fipculent appearance 4 obstruction of the

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book and re read it more frequently than any other individual

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aged about 10 whom 1 saw with Sir Joseph Fayrer and Mr.

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manner. The student will find that Professor McKendrick does

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died or left the hospital with the wound more or less cica

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menacing or wandering and may sometimes show a series

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The medical classes in connection with the Edinburgh Univer

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Th follovf ing members of the British Medical Association being

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would be necessary to drive air shafts through districts that were

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can be bound together and the power greatly increased. The

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of bilateral paralysis of the abductor muscles. The cords were in a state

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future he concludes that uterine myoma can be cured and its

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tion with this disease in Florida I addressed a circular letter

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holidays and the New Year s Eve if lrffteraliend which is

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pearance of the focal symptoms and their rapid disappearance and

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There were two operations in surgery during which wounds were full of

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Bank Industrial School where between forty and fifty of the

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as facts of natural history with a view of eliciting their meaning

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K.vAKi.v lias a more serious charge been brought against a cor

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cord to the succeeding ganglion. They unite with the

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about thirty large vesicles scattered all over the body and extremi

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thalmus had disappeared but the immobility anaesthesia and bhudness of

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away which however remained quite free from odour. The skin

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ment was desirable in the selection of cases for operation. He

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stated generally as follows It presides over the move