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sloughing of portions of the intestinal mucous membrane but

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dustrious or intellectually capable of fulfilling the very moderate

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tion and exhibits. A discussion ensued in which Drs. Scot Skib

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high specifli. gravity and contained only a small amount of

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The Khedive we learn with pleasure recently summoned Dr. H

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that in after life when once started upon asubject the individual

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which particularly attests its presence by modifying the reaction

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that the animal had not lost its sensibility. Relle.x transmission

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labor is ended by a single pain after rupture of the membranes

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This residue is then mix.d with a large quantity of water and

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though tliey are but fragmentary jottings may tend to kindle

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four davs before admission. She presented the following sym

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demented and helpless he was allowed to die and only when quiet

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appears then they keep the temperature constant for o considerable

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recognised and a powerful argument for drastic legislation to

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which it possesses its own method and which is a kingdom to

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tion and vitaUty of the tissues into which it is introduced

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experimentally on animals could not be transferred directly to

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opinion as to the comparative absence of abuse of the Norwich

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inent indications plain. Those cases in which the disease is

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On arrival at Plymouth Hospital on September 18th he was

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Walt outstanding in whichever field he chooses to practice.

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passed from without inwards in a given time tlirough the skin oi

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rine hospital service towers above those of the army and of the

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seventy cases have up to now been observed mostly in adult

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which he had examined microscopically. In nine cases the cataract

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The above extracts are interesting as showing that an isolated community

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bean was found in the bladder and removed. Trabecule crossed

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ing the feasibility of any new scheme such as the proposed Public

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self digestion to embolism. But the experiments of Brown

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K Cox the following resolution was adopted That the asso

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stated that in spite of the action of the Committee the number

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The judges appointed are Sir Richard Temple Dr. Gladvtone and

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has to solve a problem which differs in certain material particu

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With special tribute the Class of 1958 takes great pleasure in being able

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