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Mr. Howard Marsh of St. Bartholomew s in a similar case
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attended by definite symptoms of rheumatism of a slighter cha
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incomplete. The arguments of incontinence and impotence so
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liam H. Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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and symptoms of nasal catarrh to be produced by slight exposure
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sufficiently concentrated to exert any antiseptic or disinfectant
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Eeports from Tabriz point to a similar epidemic in the human
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should prefer to continue ataxic rather than be treated by the
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elements in the clinical history of diseases peculiar to women. He
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Subclavian Aneurysm. A man aged 63 suffering from axillary
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disability. Vital capacity timed vital capacity and
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a dense inelastic hardness and was associated with brachial
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favorably with the results of lumbar colotomy both in pro
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placed under chloroform and not operated upon with
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that all the manosuvres are deferred. Up to the present time
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antiseptic surgery was carried out in its integrity. He considered
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gastrium striking through to the back but no tenderness in the
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cesses by many observers. These same bodies existed in great numbers in
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by a papulous eruption on the back of the limbs. The different
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has undoubtedly done good service in correcting a jiathology too
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three atoms of ethyl and act more strongly while the most
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of an infectious case to cause a thorough disinfection
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was the most delicate test for albumen in the urine. Cyclic albu
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itis and septic poisoning. Since as above noted recovery may
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deglutition. This pain sometimes extends the whole length of the tube.
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divides his cases into three groups 1. Those treated with iodoform from
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Health. Applications to the Clerk by February 3rd. Salary 10 per
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Lumbar and other Pains. Backache an early and almost con
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with which this can be accomplished may on the whole be re
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to clamp off the mercury manometer and to put the other
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the pain produced is felt in the part of higher sensibility
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consequent fear that I might not be able to keep the wound I
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and in n severe manner but the convulsions were much mere
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their upper limit could scarcely be determined by rectal touch.
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tary conditions of Vienna during December last. From this report
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contagion or by hereditary transmission just as syphilis is always spread in
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some months ago in machinerj. Latterly the arm had become
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stantial improvement in tlie administration of justice by the
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functions of bacteria found in the body. The discrep
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the community should not lt o liable to pay comijensation
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that the law was unconstitutional the proposed method of execu
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poiuted out that the albumen of cyclic albuminuria is precipitated
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pensary there have been from thirty to forty cases of the disease
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fever the child recovers but from that date it is completely
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was more severe among the males than the females and this ob
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peai ed and the patient experienced immediate relief. A silver probe
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prior to the obser ation and as the urine showed no tendency to
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edge of the stomach extends about an inch lower than
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essay on the action of magnetism on living beings is that of
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or four grains of calomel given by mouth. Bowels moved if
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a destruction of tissue as to give rise to hideous deformities
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abscesses I do not think this was the case. The needle was of
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politan Asylums Board shall then furnish him a card stating the
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reply stated that he bad been unable to find that an aortic
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