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put to sleep very intelligent people once even twice a day for

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produced. As regards the use of antiseptics in the propulsion

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evidently a very variable quantity. Sandwith gives it at from

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tion of the vocal cords could be produced in a corresponding

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lowed by a gush of fluid and complete relief of tension. He

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gauze. Un the live occasions on which I have used this plan I

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ly following transfusion. He believed however that relapses occurred

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One patient with typhoid fever took by the rectum ninety one grammes

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contagion or by hereditary transmission just as syphilis is always spread in

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examine and attend a woman in labour in the presence of one of

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medicine or surgery being as has been already said a suc

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large and it is hoped that a considerable increase was made to the

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supposed to be dying I saw him five minutes before apparently hale and

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methods. It is usually practiced after preliminary tracheotomy either

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additional treatment he used copaiba and bismuth by the stomach as

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fective intelligence who had an enormous prolapse which

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found the same capsulated cocci in the urine of a patient

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tact with the bladder in different directions in the hope of de

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ing and tenderness to the touch and these symptoms are not speedily

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consist of the two Presidents of the Royal Colleges the three

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that we are studying lead paralysis in frogs a comparatively

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this respect they sliould receive a portion of the special fees paid

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The excellent series of lessons in sick room cookery has recom

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whether it would be possible to t amp p the cerebello medullary

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be overpowered and dazzled. A rapid reduction of the

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fatid and the intestines were covered with lymph fortunately

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Microscopic Sciences Micro Mineralogy Micro Chemistry Bi

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ease is readily cut short in twenty four hours leading the patient

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halation of menthol vapour in the early stages of influenza and

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their initial stages had to l e investigated in private and if

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the angina of heart failure from infective diseases the most

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let it by all means be employed. All we demand is that the

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Damien himself would have applied it namely to the advantage

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last for some days or a week. Several cases complained of sore

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of long standing. In the lower part of the front of the right

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of Rio de Janeiro and Caetano de Almeida Professor of Histology

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tempted to obtain by fraud sums of money from members of the

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appeared in our recent number containing reports to the Scientific

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enthusiastic Spanish writ r. sj pbilography is in mourning

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ease when I knew well that in all j robability his chancre or

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ments of stone being removed from one kidney without there

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or the other an assertion into which the equation of tlie observer

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cedure were somewhat remarkable and. J its collation with

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products in the plasma and that in the absence of such action

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On September Ist 1889 I was called to Mrs. B. in her second

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boy was soon born. For a moment the first presentation puzzled

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ing stove has been given has been brought to our notice. It

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way a lung abscess points held spellbound by the longest possible one

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point of on albuminous solution to which an acid has been added.

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