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Lockwood Case of Excision or Erasion of Hip joint through
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operation we must study these figures in a different light.
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Osteopathy is a protest against the growing practice
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number of cases of enteric fever admitted into the principal
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and the cervix was again scraped. An interesting question was what
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Kespiration became slow and laboured and the animal seemed col
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free opening as a means of relief my syringe reaching the abscess
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The Salmonella marched to war but had their numbers
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Atthill presented an address to the Earl of Zetland on his as
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and former parts of the urethra. These conditions seemed to prove
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was lying loosely attached to the upper surface of the broad liga
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pression in the niovus at the level of the twelfth dorsal vertebra.
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it is communicable for at least three weeks from the first onset.
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lows In the West India Islands the disease is met with in
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any such serious and widespread epidemic of influenza as has
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too well known among anatomists to make it needful to praise
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able evidence against the prisoner the charge might very well have been
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clergyman of the Church of England although she had been a
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parative comfort for two days. 3. Increase of fever headache
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coming year and whose names were published at page 112 of the
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permanent impotence 1 stricture of the rectum 2 violent pain
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establishment it possesses a disinfecting stove which is placed at
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perature up to March 4th was usually normal or subnormal in the
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English Rivers Pollution Act there is no power to prevent their
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between which the skin retains its natural condition. All these
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history of its origination iu early childhood generally in the first
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Medical Council will be held on Monday February 24th. The
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for a day or two and caused great exhaustion. Constipation
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As far as the inhabitants of Central Asia and North India are
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Saturday Committee took part Mr. Priestley Smith moved the