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needle bad been passed through a lower intercostal space in the
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attendance during long periods of time except of course in cases
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tion of a septic retinitis the patient having died of acute meningitis and
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its toxic action and we do not give chloroform for its toxic
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infectious diseases which were produced by the penetration
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to add that I believe from observation that the period of incuba
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work a valuable repertory of drugs and formuhe both for internal
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the space of two weeks and then a gradual increase of sight
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comply and to add the deductions which they think may be legi
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of the face and the modifications which age produces in it is
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the corresponding position on the left side the pulmon
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ble that we shall never finish it. The text proper contains scarcely a
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of syphilis. After treatment for two weeks he was improving when he
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During the great influenza epidemic which prevailed in London
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To test Dr. Jones s statements regarding the mortality of
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in an appendix in which they are numbered consecutively up to 572.
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case must be taken on its own merits in estimating the value of
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transmitted from parent to child but some peculiarity
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this action of the water having been recognised many years ago.
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jection was made it killed all the parent worms and did good for
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they act accordingly. We would recommend the.Sanitary Uom
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produce the symptoms which have been ordinarily ascribed to
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syphilitic ulceration. It affected thegreater part of the face and
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cise has occnrred yet in King Ivlward s School 240 girls which
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completely surrounded the anus reached three inches up the
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in degree. The effect is not infrequently dispropor
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relaxation of the muscles in the upper dorsal region
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sion but being of opinion that their duty to the Government that
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full time medical director. It is natural to look to the
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likely to be produced on his readers by the uncompromisingly
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varied in their hue from brown to light yellow. Some were perfectly
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institution of the kind in Vermont. There has also it is said
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season is unhealthy and the death rate exceptionally high.
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done by their free use in confusional insanity. He recom
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our science by rationally explaining the modus curandi
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trabecul B of the diploe in the spaces of which at some points
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wards placed catgut sutures in the external ring to prevent the
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destroy and paralyze all the muscles which it supplies. In
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right to brave the disease by walking about when attacked by
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a case reported by Dr. W. Lange in which transfusion succeeded after
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action through the inferior and middle cervical gan
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to Mr. Priestley Smith s question with reference to glaucoma after