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imperative and on July 31st last I made a solution of the
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bed pan when the bowels act for at least double this period
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exhausted laboring man sweltering in his bed as in the North
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those practising in London have contributed largely to the litera
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withdrawn. This points to the value of increasing the tension of
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carefully dissected off the bladder wall and the patient made a
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other kidney the nerves of which had been divided this reducing
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from Dr. llanc of Vienna the urine of a patient for examination
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from my circular letter and give the replies received.
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amputation it was however finally decided to try to save the
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this body with personal benefit the patient was given two
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above and internal and posterior to the coracoid process
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we usually obtain for careful observations of the primary illness
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roughs Wellcome and Co. With regard to this substance the
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plexus pass sensory impulses from the pelvic viscera.
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good e.xample of loss of sensation in his extremities without loss
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by sponge grafting blood clot and introduction of chips of
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coffee was freely given and the Faradaic current was used upon different
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Eye Infirmary was made the occasion of a motion to refuse any
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Mr. GODLEE inquired how the sacculu came to lie in the inguinal
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Polymorphism or the coexistence of two or more of the
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result sometimes happens when the same thing occurs when a
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To send pulmonary invalids to similar institutions or to the
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Db. G. Akthub Cardew Honorary Secretary of the Glou
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of sickness from which they are personally suffering. A consider
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tion in medicine or in medical ethics. No one hstening to
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anatomical preparations and then to discourse upon a subject
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M Vallin at the Academy of.Medicine suggested that a com
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follows Secure a thorough drainage of the catarrhal
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Superintendent Mounted Recruiting Service for duty as Post Surgeon at
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tion to the fact that the subclavian artery was not tied in its
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perfect development of medical knowledge throughout the British
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has found considerable favour because it is easily digested and
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near the posterior end of the stone where it was adherent to the
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menstruation came on she slept well and was quite recovered in
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minute details in connection with the administration of medicines
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dence of peritonitis however was rather against this diagnosis
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food the immunity fi om phthisis in some races its prevalence
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follows In the absence if mj brother beg to acknowledge
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to self supporting provident institutions. On behalf of the
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break and during the two months of its greatest mortality
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TiTB winter meeting was held at the County Hotel Carlisle on
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ease is readily cut short in twenty four hours leading the patient
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rin is completely eliminated in the urine but it is now shown
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appointment by the Board of School Commissioners of special
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of educational requirements the meeting was well attended.
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some strenuous and energetic effort should be made to bring the
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Captain Vernet Bill to amend the law relating to the election
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neck which the osteopath is called upon to relax are
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outer side the tubercle of the tibia on the inner side.
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compeers who belong to his generation who are still
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described connection of the inferior olivary body of the medulla
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from the upper margin of the twelfth dorsal vertebra
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and who recommend the administration of pancreatic preparations by the
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of health gave evidence that the meat was diseased and unfit for
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cessfully at Sutton Benger Wilts leaving there for Chippenham
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by exercise rarely profuse and never producing anaemia as in
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a rectal examination ought always to be performed as it fre
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The register of the Oenoral Council for 18LK been made up in
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Touching upon. tatistics connected with leprosy in India in the
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additional rooms have bei n secured which were suggested by the
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Sia May we say that no member of the General Medical
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thumb beneath the clavicle near its middle portion and
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or to the results of personal investigation. Dr. Jones informs
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gradually increased up to No. 12. The patient made a gradual recovery
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be rt the pyuria b careful examination of the urine c early
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benefited by change of air for a short period could be sent. Of
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ligation of the cord are red vigorous and active whereas those
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but many our own students who would gladly avail themselves of
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becomes still greater when it is considered that Florida being
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developed on the left side and yet the right ovary was more
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ease with a good prosjject of success. By way of preface let
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