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performing herniotomy an oval fluctuating tumour was exposed

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one to small pox in all. 373 deaths resulted from these principal zymotic

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running but he hod not sustained any kind of injury. When he

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proceed to the appointment of a gentleman as assistant medical

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wasting without tubercular or other manifest ailment. The aver

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peculiarities of character and discussion that agitated and coloured

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were expressed. Whilst agreeing with Dr. Herman in the causes

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liminary studies at the Lyceum of Marosvi irhely iu Hungary

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tance away haemorrhage might occur when assistance could not be

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degeneration. If the chorda tympani be drawn out and divided at the

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Nature and it might be that some of them might retain a value

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definite temperature without lumbering up the laboratory with

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Thus a patient had many symptoms of renal colic and three

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fibroma brought back to their original position among growths of

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lowing gentlemen havinf passeil the necessary e.xaminations

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fact that if examination was made of ovaries and tubes these

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and for eight years had suffered from dyspnoea which had gradually but

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Accepting these views of the physiology of defecation it

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provided by the Government for the care of the sick in the

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cnanges which go on in the ovary tube and endomet.ium in the

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given and seven cases of Labbe s in which the average time

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not injured by the passage of albumen but against this I think

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cil on February 3rd recommended that a legally qualified medical

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we get The answer which naturally suggests itself is evidence

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ill understood at the moment perhaps therefore resented

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I have given exalgine in two cases of pleuritic pain. In one

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accurately the condition of pupils in schools such information

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its further development is limited. The osteopath in

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its results as to be in the writer s opinion seldom or never

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Sir William Roberts thought that oxaluria was undoubtedly a

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ing to these observers influence the vascular state of the limbs

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were attacked in fir greater proportion than the patients the

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was an intelligent woman and gave a clear history. Her mother suffered

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was not only on account of price that it was preferred

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have had a rather more decided expression of Dr. Smith s own

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terest to Professor McKendrick himself and it seems to us that

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in the cervical sympathic come from the dorsal spinal

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health who desire to make the most of their opportunities for pre

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of a blunt pointed bistoury or a pair of angular scissors. So

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have given a few reasons for thinking that all spastic palsies in

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mechanism is recoverable as time goes on by absorption of the

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free feeding for 43 000 children sounds like kindness at thij

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ging the linen but for operations and dressings both he and his assistants

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ing cough in Leeds Portsmouth. Bristol and Wolverhampton and fever

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tinction will be universally recognised as due to his professional

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of treatment. On the contrary ho w i3 often energetic

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origin and structure of a nervous system in general and treats suc

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neck and pointed out that although in certain catus no treatment

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mineralogy. The examination is entirely viva voce lasting some

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shaped thorax the shrugged shoulders and the absence of

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ably the ulna. There was however considerable power of pronation

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Council of Naples to the freedom of the city and nationalisation

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eanitarj grounds. In 18P J Dr. Stopford Tfcylor the present medi

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five months. He commenced treatment by phosphorus on Novem

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base a preference for either of these methods of treatment. My

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a perfectly unbiassed standpoint simply seeking what is best for

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by him a small fee to the laboratory and the matriculation fee

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that in order to attend the court that morning she had been

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boiling as generally recommended while at the same time it has

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the Bengal I residency alone. He had little doubt that these

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Chi fraternity MacFadyen Gyn. Society Newman club student

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England. But at the National Eye and Ear Infirmary which is

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mentioned as oeing the most constant and it was also the

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Influenza its Prevention Symptoms and Treatment. By