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students who at first were simply content to meet in each others
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and South Ettej DUtrixi of the Metropolitan Counties Branch.
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Fig. 3 is another application chieily useful for scaling long
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exactness in the examination and diagnosis or greater wisdom an i
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line with a moderate degree of catarrhal inflammation of the lining mem
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ledge would strengthen the liands of the Committee.
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observed. If one centigramme gr. of tlie chloride of strychnine be
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The medical classes in connection with the Edinburgh Univer
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abductors on which Professor Krause him.self formerly used to
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right side of his back. He complained at once of an acute pain
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ache not only women but men in the very prime of life are
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considerable pressure could be applied without causing much pain. On
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the system or rather the lack of system and their recommen
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iii p. 1235 says Dr. FoiTy and other writers of authority
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The epidemic at present is mild and no very serious nor fatal
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as most inflammations are by resistance of connective tissue
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of which the patient was much exhausted the illness being one
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not cause dilatation of the pupil but the respirations and pulse improved
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Pathology. Queen s College appointed I athologist to the Queen s Hospital I
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very a dematous and painful under the dressings and several raw
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present members of the family are quite healthy and I am
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Dr. Bramwell was careful to state that the two forms run one
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novel and interesting. The literature on this subject has within a few
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of its climate upon consumptive patients and daily and hourly
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frictions of belladonna therefore M. Gu niot considers it advisable
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through these gives communication to the sixth nerve
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pubis is a hiatus in the external oblique muscle called
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has the root of the matter well established in his mind
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might under suitable conditions be utilised for teaching
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was so great and symptoms of cystitis having developed it was
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The Expulsion of the Shoulders. After the delivery of
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published in Great Britain and Ireland issued by Messrs. Street
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modativn power. On October lyth he could read at the ordinary
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The discussion at the Academy of Medicine on the prophylaxis of
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secondary infection. The opinion that only a favourable soil for
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present who were prepared to give evidence of a similar character.
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be marked out and that line is about three inches from the
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moved from the groft and slits wer made in it for drainage. In
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occurred in Turin and Gaeta on December 30th. The epidemic
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practised in the more advanced stages much might be done by
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albumen never give a second coagulntion at the same temperature.
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who are really familiar with dogs that the muzzle is
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to besmear this which thanks to M. Pasteur is one of the
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however premature to make any further remarks about the
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tho Internal and Kxternal Use of Gurjuu and Chaulmoogra UilK.
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within outwards than from wi hout inwards is probably to be
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knife employed instead or the anterior chamber is very shal
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does not suffer from any of those symptoms which but too
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worked gratuitously during the cholera epidemic in that and the
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they returned two days later. The left common carotid was then tied
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Tincture of iodine appears to be especially efficacious in
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we should certainly notice in some cases that the paralysis
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gnosis was that of a soft uterine myoma. It was found to be
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treated from April 15 1878 to May 6 1879. Several months before his
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three months of the year. Measles showed the highest propor
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I mo dd ios. London Simpkin Marshall. Hamilton Kent
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off this patient on the fourth day. The kidneys were granular
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The panents had suffered from an attack of acute nephritis the
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midway between the mammary and parasternal lines in
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of a jet black appearance. Should this not occur he may feel
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Edridge Green has stated that this theory is not consistent
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At a meeting of the Dublin Artisans Dwellings Company on Mon
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lower than that in the corresponding period of any year on record.
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hospitals not associated with medical schools. In these establish