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while they may not interfere with respiration. Section of the thyroid

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instances of glyruronic acid in the urine us being supposed to be

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force he cannot but see that interference with the flow of pro

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acts in strikingly different ways upon different individuals

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of cholera is said to have occurred at Bologna. On investigation

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The list of those affected includes several medical practitioners.

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cBdema occurring oter removal of the thjroid eUnd as shown by

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At a recent meeting of the Royal Society of Physicians of Buda

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dences that the unfortunate man is already in a condition of marked

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an occupation that she knows is taking her life and

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might be accompanied by only very slight symptoms. The

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the ulna. The scaphoid tubercle may be distinguished

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cally that the actual expenditure under this head amounts only to

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for checking hospital abuse and for providing thi working classes

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River Col. revoked and he is assigned to duty at Fort Wingate New

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and irregular now stopped entirely possibly from cerebral com

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merry. This incongruity would be ludicrously droll were it

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gather are purely theoretical. No evidence has ever been brought

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MM. Coriu and Berard evidently find that one is produced and in

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vation from the solar plexus fibres coming from the

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or is un.suited for operative treatment is often much crippled in

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petitive examination as a simple means of winning a money

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IS. il with the tran.sactions of the British I harmaCHUtical Con

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though several students became suspicious when the instructors were

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chondrium and epigastrium ami these regions became excessively

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of Infectious Diseases Act but as every sanitary authority has

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pylorus the glands in the les.ser curvature were of uito carti

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the pursuer s position. Under the conditions Lord Kinnear

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use of hypnclilorite of sodium at a later stage. Solutions of iodo

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was found in the right ventricle. The other lesions were the

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natural the gums were not spongy. The urine was slightly

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the surgeon is treading on newer and less certain ground.

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group the scaleni the recti capiti and the longus colli.

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There is little doubt that Aberdeen has now been isited by

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fremitus were abolished.over thedull are except cloe to the spine.

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patients who present no apparent signs of other illness of any kind except

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the external wound and opened the bladder some three days after

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rhagique envisagee particulierement en France. Th se 1880.

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tion that is of seeing and feeling as they are expected or

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without so far as I know any attempt to discuss the questions

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Medical Officer for tlie First District of the Coventry Union.

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appointed A amp aistont to the Chair of Therapeutics in the Militarj

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muscles of the neck and fore limbs those of the larynx partici

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the increase of success in ovariotomy of late. He attributes the result

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diagnosis such a case would present if seen for the first time. It

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specific taint can be cured by medication. Those cases in

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Profetsor Weichitelhaum Investigations on the Pathology of

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voluntary pressure on the colon by the abdominal muscles.

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the right auricle the beginning of the aorta and the

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appear to be frequent though it is the rule in plastic thrombosis

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than that in the reverse direction. The period post mortem at

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thought it might be worth ven in the present preliminary

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Crosse quoted by Mayo. Observations on Diseases and Injuries

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healthy persons aln ost always in middle life 4 surgical myx

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j For cases such as these the law does not at present provide

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various regions are taken in turn and each step of their dis

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fall the area for the abdominal muscles. On the posterior parts of the

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pulse causes salivation perspiration vomiting and diarrhoea. It is a

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lar to if not identical with those of belladonna. The therapeutic

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granules of fat even to complete disappearance of the medulla. The gan

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although such abuse undoubtedly existed in the out patient de

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carbonate of soda. The accounts are furnished by bath physicians

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brious and in a large portion of the State dry and bracing.

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retical qucilions being such as to t Kt their knowledge of

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ago admitted February Jt th 18S0 at University College Hospital

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the Journal of E lucatio i on The Scientific Examination and

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chloroform vapor permeating the body. In the discussion von Langen

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tancy would not be found. To what then are we to attri

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horis sumend. That is accompanied by a saline purge also the hot water