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In Graves s or Basedow s disease a peculiarity of the eye
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towards the circumference the rupture of which hid given rise io
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solution of unknown strength but probably five per cent. had been em
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To show that merely local causes would not account for this the writer
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As regards this patient s previous condition it should be stated
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forty seven coloured plates and numerous figures in the text
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At the annual meeting of the Glasgow and West of Scotland
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chiefly owing to the Chairman s kindness operated in a great
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She got well entirely and permanently under the treatment I
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be the organism of the primary disease that is of the in
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cerebri formed there scarcely seemed to be sufficient outlet for the
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it resulting in a tympanitic note. Its nutrient blood
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has oppealed against the decision and the matter has been taken
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for example Florida which is perhaps to day more frequented
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from them that any work which promises to extend our know
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existence of a considi rably large ston gt in his bladder. No lithotrite
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my partner. Dr. Moore and myself the left arm was much
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not again become severe until two hours and a half. Forty five
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the back. Careful investigation will reveal the fact
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be discussed under two heads and m the present volume the
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ducted from the too ott scanty incomes of their civil brethren. Why should
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the early and that of the late lesions and the former usually
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England. There was a large attendance of gentlemen from Man
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together. Exanthem D. always beginning in fac and descend
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hernia. The association of the intussusception with the hernia
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the completion of his medical curriculum he became one of the
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rous proofs of the truth of this theory during the late typhoid
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CVi c. Dr. Oowans exhibited a man the subject of a Backward
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hold Words etc. By a piper in the Dublin Medical Quarterly
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interfere with the business of that class of men from whom the
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gums. The nature and mode of origin of the blue line in the
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the sphincter downward. The knife is then entered from
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at last sui cessful struggles of Dr. Jex Blake in the cause said
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The portion of the skin covering the ecchymosis had shrunk and
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appointed A amp aistont to the Chair of Therapeutics in the Militarj
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could get and had it frequently. Prawns he said he ate but
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The President Mr. Latt. gt on Tail was then re elected as also
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his method of etherisation and gives cases. He insists and in so
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convenience of this form of insulllator should recommend it as
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stupor. An acid has also been separated from cod liver oil. to
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is in constant motion and that there is more clear sunshine
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Jones had shown before the Society two small cysts which he
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fuse diarrhoea the eyeballs sink into the orbit a dark ecch y
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we find favorite localities for certain forms of cutaneous syphi
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TBSON regarded the diagnosis as inadequate to indicate operative
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the stump with sutures after removal of the organ for tumors. Moreover
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accommodation but one cannot conscientiously recommend it as a health
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ing it to recede. It is astonishing how often apparently the
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particles of cyanide in its vicinity. Here is a piece of gauze charged
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medical officers of health. In speaking of the advisability of
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clomiphene citrate mechanism(s) and site(s) of action--a hypothesis revisited
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beni ith it. lie insisted upon the fact that the progress effected
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to the report in the Boston Medicaland Surgical Joumal W tCoyaX
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There are certain facial conditions which so clearly tell
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If it ever assumed a certain growth its devastations would be
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out by the contents. On the title page it is rightly and suitably
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enlargement of the tumor. After five applications the pain had disap
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increased with temperature. Dr. Schreiber of Vienna as
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palliative measure consisting in the formation of an artificial anus. There
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seriously encroach upon the thoracic space leading to
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will prevent the passage of impulses along the nerve
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sinuses. She was in the hospital for eight months and during
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lates the intercostal nerves in this region. We spread
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the case. 16. To visit the patient for the next seven days twice
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patients treated by obher methods. Thus tapping and injecting
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of these cases and found the tendency to he towards slow re
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so forcible as with the ordinary forceps but the maternal parts are liable
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up a violent cramp came on followed nine hours later by another
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was invalided came to Aberdeen and was admitted into the
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mainly due to over produci ion. Ceylon for instance exported t hreo
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