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total number of metropolitan hospitals where such medical repre
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side of the face supplied by the affected nerve insensibility
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one of great labour and detail on the Spinal Cord in. rterio
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side might give very little pain. He quite agreed that with
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Curtis of University College A. R. Walters of Cambridge and London
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most important is with regard to the great tendency to relapse
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albumen. The treatment consisted in the periodical administra
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it be we would strongly advise intending candidates to pause
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puts the la ter phenomena in a secondary place and consequently
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and scrotum to open by a narrow orifice close under the root of
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be for seven years and the retirement of the other officers of the
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how do these results compare with those of lumbar colotomy
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major. The femur may be dislocated in any direction
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The expression of the countenance is typically marked in
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marked syphilis should give birth to a child at full term and
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to copy the example of our Continental neighbours who use less
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mild winter of the ordinary kind as regarded its epidemic phe
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good average book on the surgery of the lower bowel. The draw
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same time that they render immediate help to those who suffer.
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never have been allowed to leave Hamburg Hospital according to
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with insph atory dyspnoea the voice remaining unimpaired. At the end
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cases this has occurred secondary to endocarditis not infrequently
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it is dislocated. Great care must be used in diagnos
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K Treatise on Materia Medica Phahmacologt aio TttsjcA j
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lower the coagulation point until finally coagulation could be
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hypostatic congestion of the lungs and complains of its neglect
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would be necessary to drive air shafts through districts that were
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Headquarters is assigned to temporary duty at Fort Supply Indian Terri
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of whom Londontrs have heard so much lately. The tendency to
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to gauge the success of the operation although doubtless the de
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Another point with regard to the pain of renal calculus is the
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were inspected before they were allowed to land. But said
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as secretiveness and acquisitiveness and the visual sphere of
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of passive movement and massage together with galvanism be
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drainage of buildings built under their orders. The scandals which
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can be considered a patliolrt ical entity must be undertaken and
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Edinburgh School of Medicine will be resumed after the recess
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croids he remarks that formerly the latter were supposed to greatly out
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curial element as I have found is of essential importance to the
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the sharp instrument followed by the local application of iodine
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The annual returns of this Society just prepared for Govern
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lescence was rapid and uninterrupted. Tlie patient who attended
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its diet. Two or three days later he saw indications which led him
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is being made. It was to avoid this difficulty that the hook
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of their patient differently from that of other people their
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as your correspondent s letter seems to insinuate. Dr. Tatham