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charitable medical relief it may be said that such committee

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bifurcation of the aorta into the two common iliac.

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hours later. Oa post mortem examination we found that the sur

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matic origin. He had seen at the Ilkley Hospital a large number

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culties as they occur and of extending the benefits of the insti

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tember 30 1880 Eeed W. Captain and Assistant Surgeon. As

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and antiseptic dressings were applied. On the third day the margins of

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due to vascular stasis caused by a weak and failing heart. This

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found to be the case in a fish known as the blackfish where

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occupy. The second paragraph of our correspondent s letter seems

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I have carefully searched the record of cases in which a

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C First Lieutenant aud Assistant Surgeon. To report to the Command

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pointed out that physical science by translating the

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fessor Milligan Principal Donaldson Principal Geddes and Dr

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woman aged. lO employed in sorting horsehair imported from

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careful study of the specimens excised and liave given tlie

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Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should apply

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produced at the temperature of the laboratory. If then the co

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Minlsterwlien they stigmatise as merely sentimental grlevaucca as solid and

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then the important question of checking the admiesion of patients

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been shown that the presenco of the specific germ is only one

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his hand acroHs the epignstrium saying.lust across here. He

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in which there was considerable increase in the connective tissue

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dietetic cures the dry cure milk and whey cures the koumiss

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FiASCHi the President was in the chair and twenty one members

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congratulate the author more unreservedly after the appearance

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gress of a State are involved and where health if not life is

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student works daily during his fifth or sixth semester the prac

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