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November 2nd 1888. I saw the boy again he could then open

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fessor Humphry s tables. If we regard the male sex only we find

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men on the present medical staff. Eventually the motion to

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version to the belief that pneumonia was a blood and not a lung

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prevented in the first place. Inunctions of sapo viridis accomplish this

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Professor Charteris for the interesting paper he had read and

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the course of an acute disease some serious lesion of the brain

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onset and are accompanied and followed by great rostration

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any effective form. Perhaps the first point which forces

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To sustain his position he refers to the infrequency of this

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we must often act on a diagnosis based only on inference. Still

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restore the stoinach and this can only be done by observing a

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the treatment are separately considered. Controversial questions are

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having been made a candidate should not bo re examined it

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ed leave of absence for one month with permission to apply at Division

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ures mentioned caused at least as much improvement and in some in

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so much 80 that some medical men who saw him doubted whetlur

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had an ovum existed it would hardly have been absorbed

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his description not seen or investigated the most recent preparations. He is

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the shoulder and laid it at full length on a table. I then

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Cilaisher s tables either Sy the medical officers of health or some

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Query. Does the climate of Florida favor the cure of

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the greater sciatic notch into a foramen and separates

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dition of general eclampsia will soon follow. To put it in Dr.

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Aigburth and her housemaid were in January 1888 bitten by a

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abnormal ovulation. He describes a uterine form and an ovarian

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attendance during long periods of time except of course in cases

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gastric and intestinal sjTnptoms predominate. Five deaths have

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conducting statistical inquiries the mathematical pouts here

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amount of haemoglobin in them are described and call for no

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blood notably in the red blood discs in large numbers and

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convulsions on the 16th of August. The old cicatrix at this time became

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into a cavity of much larger fire containing perhaps 4 ounces of