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speaks in detail of the plans and goes on to condemn the nuisance
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questions involved therein are fundamental and until the student
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patient had no fever but he coughed much and actinomycetes
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memorandum on Lead Poisoningby Certain Public Water Suppliee
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requirements of the college before the opening of the school year.
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the hand is inserted be sure that it is aseptic. Pass
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female patient alone and it is well known that women are
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pital. He added an out patient department of these diseases
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terference given by Hutchinson Marsh and Sands and above
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had never risen. Vomiting had been present prior to the seizure
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able as having resulted favorably to the mother although performed un
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the matter. After the two meetings referred to above and the
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teaching universities is that the university teachers themselves
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Pp. 81. Catalogue of the Library of the Physicians to the German
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was the ease with which the bones br. ke. A third case showing
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the heigbt ha stened defervescence promoted sweating and also at
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The time has come for action and we are giving expression
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become confluent. In their centres when it is receding the skin
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which was sent to him by Dr. JIasn. The following notes had
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that the annual meeting will be held on Wednesday February 5th
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one of extra peritoneal hasmatocele and that the gas that escaped when
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protruded through the soft parts the lower end of the fibula was
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debility. The mother absolutely refused to allow a post mortem
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rabbits gave no paralysis not even depression after the last
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throughout the country this question had already been settled by
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should be performed during pregnancy is discussed and the
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same sense that a pelvic abscess opening into the rectum could
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This was signed by among others Sir Benjamin Brodie Sir James
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scopic variations were quite as marked as the macroscopic. He
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Otherwise the country will always be exposed to outbursts of
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operation and was shown to the staff of the Liverpool Eye and
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dura mater was at once punctured a small lt uantity of blood
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from cultivation. inoculated into a rabbit s ear killed the animal
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to be followed by more or less aniemin or debility.
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teaching university Trinity College as well as the Koyal Uni
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bind the scapula down at its inferior angle. Beneath
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very troublesome complaint but they are too well known to us