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practical medicine and surgery. Of course in such a vast array
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far purer than was formerly the case. It is impossible by chemical reagents
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skillful management laceration is liable to occur unless the
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injury which a prosecution may have caused to an innocent man.
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diseases prevailing at present about the place were limited to
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five hundred it will prevent the development of bacteria and kill those
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at the level of the tenth dorsal vertebra. The follow
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of the Royal Hospital which is usually inconveniently crowded.
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issued it had to be dissolved without the despatch of business.
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be lirmlj closed with thick silk sutures passed through both con
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not absolute absence yet paucity of discharge and from the same
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is not relieved and consequently the operation is of no avail. In the
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Schiff s dictum and which experiment will solve namely What
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The officers of tlie Association are as follows President. Sows S. Bil
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which this affects our patient s health of the biosta
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longer than the right hence he suffers from lateral curvature the
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and other contagious and infectious diseases no sensible
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most severe type of bodily suffering the orbicularis muscle
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subject matter which supplies the main topics for discussion in
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An important communication was made to the Royal Society of
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which is as useful for the purpo. e of absolute cleanliness as it
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were 113. The total number of out patients was 811 of which
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great deal of mind force to be wasted in wrong directions.
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times but extreme on slight exertion. Menstruation had ceased for sev
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ciety for the year 18 0 President rhomas Bryant Vice
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venience taken on an empty stomach and repeated three times
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brows and the motor centres for the corresponding muscles is
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was remarkable to observe the gradual recovery of the aecom
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had not betm taught the names even of the primary colours.
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of the hospital. The medical report showed that 08 5 patients
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matically. and with what results 4. Have you known it to aftect the
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The latter were pigmented from the first but the swelling of the
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lowing provisional Committee was appointed to prepare a scheme
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the subject of exophthalmic goitre went to town and wns seized
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the present attack she luid diarrhoa on and off. On Tuesday April
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when he left the hospital. The pilocarpin produced profuse sweating and
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included 19 which resulted from the principal zymotic diseases equal to an
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put it is. Shall the hospitals continue to be medical charities
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ful case of nephrolithotomy is usually published a large number
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supplying the affected muscles. It is important in using these
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ring with the alimentary canal passing through it and with a
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terms Murray s New English Dictionary now in course of publication at the
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