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the chloroform was given in the ordinary way and which were

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the General Council to the University Court was declared on De

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before the drug took effect. Along with the onset of sleep there

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A small energetic man who delivered rapid lectures while fran

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treatment. Such an opinion he thinks is based upon very insufficient

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nium Bromide in Epilepsy. Actinomycosis Hominis. Respira

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arrangement prevents the thighs compressing the sides together

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fibrous tissue were seen radiating outwards from either border of

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subdivides into branch shafts which conduct the warm fresh air

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The register of the Oenoral Council for 18LK been made up in

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Diseases of the second class may be in varying degrees directly

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pectoration again became yellow. Owing to the closing ot the

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On admissi n I examine in.o the physical and mental side of

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and afTorded great relief. The case had since progre.ised favour

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their pathology and treatment. Professor PuiLirsox showed a

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faithful servant to the reward of rest. Shortly after assisting to

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the small occipital and great occipital innervate the

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speak a third party would combine the two methods while

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by the results of modern research in maladies of this nature it

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Portland Street should be conveyed to the authorities of St.

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cation certificates quarterly. The quarter has only just terminated and we

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in its attempt to do extra work and an albuminuria or nephritis

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wear this much coveted distinction and to set an example of

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hydatids of Morgagni in the male whilst the sessile cysts which

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Of late there has sprung up a demand for books of ithis class.

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employment of the medicine. The language used is characteristic

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tumor. The mucous membrane covering it was then incised and the

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polypi. He thinks it indicated in cases where polypi can not be removed

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pressure and amelioration during increase of atmospheric pres

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against it I should feel myself more than fortunate. I am etc.

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the case together with a plan of treatment and to record the case

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existed among us at all and he sincerely trusted that any money