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lad suffered from False Keloid following burns of the face. The
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inclined to burst into panegj rics over the training of a circus
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of morphine was dangerous in this variety of eclampsia especially
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issued his protest against the sacrifice of education to exami
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the frequent indurations of the inter muscular tissue of the
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remained in the hospital. After his discharge the headache
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patient felt so safe in his hands as to be alread half
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treatment and treatment by injection. Dr. Kelsey preferred internal
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Subscriptions to tlie A.ssociation for 1890 became due on January
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at once agreed to the proposal conditionally on Mr. L. apologising for the
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not relieved. She had a good appetite for lunch but it was
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choice being entirely his own as the vocation which he most
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the aspect of the sufferer is sometimes frightful. The fore
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Society has now become permanent and though it and kindred
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members do not seem to have grasped my ideas as to the above.
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of the community seemed clear that it was mysterious and erratic
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normal but for two or three days reached 90 falling again after
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that at least 1 0U0 additional will be required to carry out the
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following day September 8th he had two rigors. On September
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ondary tubercle of the lung is frequently associated with bronchiectasis.
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much opposition to the amendment proposed it being contended
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that the movement had so far succeeded that there were now
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remarkable for quantity but that their quality is excellent while
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up a violent cramp came on followed nine hours later by another
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those who are barely able to support themselves and their families
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tional Medical Officer. Particulars of. and applications by January 1Kb
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troubles are however much more important and consist in paralysis of
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Communications were received from Mr. Trimmer 1 re
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satisfactorily made I would agree to the publication of it. After
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of intussusception. He looked upon it as a case of typhlitis and
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the motion mentioned that some of the most distinguished
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presence of representatives of the medical t afi on the Board of
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presence and proportion of the homologous acids has since that time been
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Medical Council in the matter of diplomas in State Medicine to
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the probe coated instead with a layer of cervical mucus.
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specified rate. The great port of I ew York for instance
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Papilloma of Tiu a. Dr. Walter Fowler showed a uvula
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a central perforated axis which also forms the central aperture of
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tants of Calcutta who have nuisances enough and to spare of their
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disorder was disturbed by disagreeable dreams and in four of