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Surgeon to the National Uuspital for the Paralysed and Epileptic Assistant

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ment of the most important facts regarding lepers and leprosy

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Laycockjf iu 18G2 published his course of lectures with illus

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the eyebrows are knitted the eyes are hollow and sunken the

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of anatomists will one day be convened to discuss the question

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The Physician s Visiting List for 1881. Philadelphia Lindsay amp

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matism gout arthritis deformans and diabetes are classed as disorders

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vesiculae seminalis. The prostatic plexus receives its

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cation of Womtn was held in Edinburgh on January 2l8t under

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the rays at the extreme left are the most penetrating and a fog

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cal officers on the Board but whether paid or honorary they

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severity but had made a perfect recovery. A week before he saw her

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the tongue. Patient retained the faculty of smelling and the power of

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particular. Physicians are earnestly requested to answer the above ques

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from the alimentary canal h. ematemesisand raeljena and by ee

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search the impurity wa5 removed by the following process

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protection of the vaccinated arms of infants applying it after the

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caused great pain. There was much muco pu in the urine. On

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ing consciousness. His wife helped him to the bed. He was heraiplegic on

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And now let me impress upon your minds another fact.

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man aged 64 the subject of this disease. The patient had suffered

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general physiognomy. Subsequently Sir Charles Bell wrote

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pressor and in a perfectly dark room lighted the bones of the

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for the microscope. Each variety of formed element is first taken

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constitutional effects the pallor of the face assumes a peculiar

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nothing abnormal was seen but the sensation to touch was very

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were healthy. The liver was large and weighed seventy two

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wound had been closed and there was some riso in temperature

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peraments is equally careful to note the most trivial altera

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but it would seem that they gain intensity under some conditions

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The stomach and spleen the liver and ihe kidneys the transverse