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January 3rd Professor Nothnagel delivered a lecture on in

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Council House Birmingham. The report was adopted and Mi.

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frequently the cause of constipation coccygodynia etc.

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before. She was comatose but could be roused slightly with difficulty

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tramcar this is impossible as it must run straight with its rails.

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the right eye. The nerves paralysed were the third fourth

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the concurrence of pink eye amongst horses and influenza in

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microscope the process of coagulation can be readily followed out.

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treating disease by manipulation the purpose and result

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election of two of the honorary medical staff as delegates on the

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I shall offer no apology for referring to some of the statements

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gence he yet lacks a certain power of mental perspective a faculty of

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In this address he laid great stress on those methods

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the last meeting of the School Board referred to cases of the worst

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taken in fair doses always purified the urine but about three

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make a new road across the Parliament Hill fields which were

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that he had been kindly permitted to examine the patient and had found

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Professor Tvkpai.l who recently inaugurated the work of

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followed all sorts of tumultuous movements of the bowels. The

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served in London appear to have been of this class. In other

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After the experimental formation of bone canties it was

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throbbing temples cannabis indica does harm ergot is more applicable

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possesses some special significance. Chomel lays great stress

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and made excellent cystoscopic diagnoses of tumours of the

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arm and leg centre. A consultation of tlie staff was held on the

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thigh. Had these limbs been amputated as our author directs

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important still the number of applicants was constantly and

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paralysis of the abductor muscles is not alone sufficient to pro

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December 31st. There were several well marked cat es lirst seen

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perinseum is stretched to a membranous thinness and the

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fourth week. Mr. Tait related a second case which was almost

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placed upright supine or semi recumbent at the convenience of

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minating as severe pneumonia. On the other hanJ it is necessary

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but on the following morning they were almost equal and reacted

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percentage of diseases of the Vienna population during the epi

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only conjectural that endometritis resulting from febrile disease

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