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any part of the United Kingdom and is only subject to certain

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aneurysm ever occurred posteriorly. Which artery hail been

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diphtheria and 5 from diarrha a. Twelve fatal cases of measles occurred in

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which have occurred would seem to bave been due to imprudence.

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and cavernous plexuses is distributed to the eye and to

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which if thoroughly and efficiently performed must entail great

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which continued for two or three days in decreasing quantities.

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sented a high degree of virulence. With regard to complications.

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Viatka. About this last date it was reported from Moscow Riga

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contour of the nose which would be seriously impaired by any

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questions involvcil each advance in our knowledge of pathology

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circumstances were bacilli of various species and corresponding

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the stiffness caused by the first movement of the leg had

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practice by sickness or accident. It may be interesting to note

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summarised as follows Fever was almost invariably present

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These communicated with one another and exposed numerous

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following jwiutH of interest 1 the condition of the brain was

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practitioners in the other. He advocated co operation instead of

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sity he took several college prizes. Shortly after passing through

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Another type of countenance to which attention is fre

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to two days ago except that he had been getting weaker. Three

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medulla given in our first paper. The electric cortical stimula

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This places about one sixth to the right of the median

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which originating at the exterior of the axial stream flow outward and

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headache over vertex and giddiness at times. No symptoms of

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tion of their appointments the area and population of their dis

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patient. A doctor sent him a lady an habitual opivim

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was distinctly elastic as if the harduets were due to the presence

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There was an opening discharging pus opposite the ninth rib out

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is adverse to the climate of this State. Such testimony must

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edges fitting under the margins of the membrane like a watch

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the holders of their diplomas not to ivdvertise for business. The

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etc. which emerge from the spinal cord in the second

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in which the permeability from within outwards was greater

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way in which the operations had been carried out. This was

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the Infirmary Committee to hold out an open hand for 37 from

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sarily imply stretching of the cord. The facts cited were held to

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family was afre lt ted. His mother bcildly maintained that when

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poisoning by creolin in guinea pigs and rabbits owing to its

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eight hours. The type of redema is very suggestive of a similar

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placed upon the argjtmentum ad verecundiam than upon the

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they might possess the ring of superficial sentimentality or thrasonical

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appears to meet the final radiations of the olfactory nerve

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normal and soreness of the abdomen and tympanites have at no time

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morbid process may extend to the muscular structures to dis

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membrane. The result was perfectly satisfactory. This was

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l or is this all for it often happens that this secondary

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normal but for two or three days reached 90 falling again after

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draw any part of thf article which may seem to impale that Dr.

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are the result of failure of the assimilative tissues

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globulin a The serum albumen became opalescent at 70 C and

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must in all cases be judged in relation to the kind of child

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Chemistry of the Animal Body including an Account of the Chemical

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tration of the Albumen itself. We find as the result of our

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thatitwasacaseof primary multiple sar. oma of the skin of Kaposi s

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Thomas s Hospital and Mr. Cooke s School of Anatomy and Physiology.

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be regarded as an cxpre.ssion of all they intend to do at present

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ticular local circumstances. The British Medical Association are