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Brigade Surgeon George Kino M.B. of the Bengal Establishment Superin
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are liable to lead to very deceptive results. All persons are
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the last meeting of the School Board referred to cases of the worst
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hands. The parts get cedematous apparently in a few hours and
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and Rupture of the left Profunda Femoris Artery Sir Dyce Duck
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intelligible on the germ theory but it is quite as scientific as
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very tit for di.Hcussion at a representative meeting such as this
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by operative methods in nmltiple granulations of the external auditory
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ing to Brandies are requested to forward their remittances to
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out means of support falls to the charge of the Armen direction
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has but one fissure which divides it into the upper and
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that the deaths from diseases of the respiratory system were
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taken and the right arm could be moved without inconvenience.
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headache and fever always recurred. The majority of cases had a
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obstetrical departments of the General Hospital as the commence
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plained of and the men described it as a giddy headache.
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nucleus of a museum of hygiene be formed in Bombay.
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opportunity of seeing her and making notes lt f her condition. She
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hymen in the female. These views may be summarised thus
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given case and should if possible so order the preliminary steps
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Thames is the cause of the red worms which abound in it.
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quency and varying severity every year are quite distinct from
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applications to be taken iuto the wards that three of the medical
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flowers being very large the calyx measuring about a foot in
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ment of posterior half of uterus and vaginal atresia. Obstet.
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winter in the South of France. While there he was pretty regu
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leads if too long continued to pathological changes in the
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prevailing winds in this State for nine months are easterly
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chilliness not often amounting to a distinct rigor headache and
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plug the nostrils. The nasal tubes are now held in position by
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the uterus and vagina and it also demonstrated that the orifice of
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tion with success and prefers this to the old method of operating with
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presence of much uric acid or other nitro.c enous product of meta
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chapter to an examination of the relative value of animal and
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there have come within our notice a group of grave laryngeal
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The subjacent structures were firmer than usaal and formed a
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was true and therefore presented difficulties in the way of a
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reason is given The consideration of hysteria has been omitted be
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tion would be without risk or practically inconvenience.
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our cases delirium occurred. Most cases eomj lained of sleep