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eration from intercurrent causes. Three of the four patients in
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in nutrition. The name congenital neurotic papilloma proposed by
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Surely partial immunity from contagion is common to all zymotic
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gated the subject. As to whether the disease was contagious or
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This is evidently a case of Thomsen s disease. In this case the
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was some tenderness over a large orange shaped tumour situated
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tion of English men of science are to be numbered. The leading
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calibre of the greatest of our generation of physicians
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in the sacculus causing the thin wall to rupture and death there
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after. While we congratulate the inhabitants of Benares now
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The manufacturers of the Liquor lodi liecoloratus are Messrs.
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Leeds. This was seconded by Dr. Burton Liverpool and sup
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rapidly soft and distensible. Of course it should be discon
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the cavity three or four inches or even longer. lAir trouble is very
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Philadelphia Hospital etc. Illustrated by 29 engravings. New
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effected by the addition of a saturated solution of magnesium
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meetings out of principle considering them perfectly useless.
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rally the somewhat peculiar position in which we find ourselves
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cases Mr. Thomas was strongly in favour of leaving the seques
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with without reference to the Secretary or any other official
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syphilis and patient appeared healty. The second case was ttint
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were no functions left for these extensive areas of the brain
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carried out and subsequently division of the nerve. Dr. Abnison
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away believing themselves radically cured return to their
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enough and the ciliary processes blocked the iris angle. In answer
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phthisis is probably less than in those islands and we can not
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pathological subjects exact knowledge on which is as yet
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and it is possible that the earliest cases in a locality may afford
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knife. He next gives the indications for performing sclerotomy 1. In
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Thacker and Co. This little book has been prepared by
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marked syphilis should give birth to a child at full term and
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Resolved That the Council of the British Medical Association
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that with chloroform I have found some exceptional instances in
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minal operations. We are however inclined to e.vcept from this
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unofficial class motto of This too shall pass resounding from all lips.
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have left eomething over for a second. To bring this boy s naked
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they indicate great thoroughness of work and originality of
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original investigations carried out in the laboratory. The list is
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that with the curette a little bit of membrane can be withdrawn
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Sac in which Strangulation at the Internal Abdominal Ring co
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would have found persons who would say something in
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Northern America the symptoms were like those of grippe and
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doctors who for years have settled at Cannes or elsewhere and who luive
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Communicated by the Dibectoe General of the JIbdical
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Union and the gymnasium and athletic club. This is li 000 in
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piston may be driven further home or even worked in and out
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aged for the fixation of the eye. As these needles have how
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disease. Moreover the fact that respiratory catarrhs croupous
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private generosity of people in Enf land. He considers that it is
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T. C a robust labourer aged 47 was engaged on April 17th
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the teaching that has led to the appalling prominence of craniotomy in
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patella delivered at Bellevue Hospital. The book has just that value
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seeks to identify this with the organ of alimentativeness which
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The remaining nine disulphones were decomposed in the
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he was really ill. The patient went to Gull and after
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on the corpuscles and on the colour and reaction of the serum.
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tion however on convergence and in the effort at accommodation.